Well Worth The Wait!

Have you ever dreamed of the day when every area of your life is in order? When everything falls into perfect alignment at the perfect time and you are finally where you want to be in life? The day when you are living out your dreams and life purpose!?! Well, I can definitely attest to that. I have had many visions of myself being successful, living out my dreams and being in a place of total happiness and I am finally here!  It was not easy getting to this place, along the way I have had trials, difficult times and opposition but with God I have overcame those struggles and He continues to increase my life to levels I have only thought about.

As we know “Life” is not easy, it comes with many moments, special moments, frustrating moments as well as experiences that teach us how to make better choices and help us to gain wisdom. Anything worth doing in life requires faith and some sort of unknown risk. Taking this risk does not guarantee a great outcome but with God as a partner He promises if we are to trust Him He will give us the best life! God has and is doing all that He promised to do! My life is not perfect but it is pretty great and this is all due to my partnership with God. My success did not come overnight, there were some things I needed to learn, people I needed to let go of and places I needed to go. As God led me to and through these life experiences He has provided all I needed to get me where I am today!

I had to be patient, be bold, be confident in knowing who God says that I am! That is my identity, it comes from Him! Once you know who you are and your life’s purpose you are definitely on the right track! Do not let people’s opinions lead you somewhere you are not supposed to be. Allow God to be your guide, to give you the patience that is needed to reach your goals and live the life you have always dreamed of! Let’s not forget this requires some work on your part as well. If you do all you can do God will work that much harder on your behalf! If you haven’t already, take the steps to live your best life with God! He is waiting on you! If you are already in partnership with God I encourage you to continue on that path and to never give up because sometimes it can feel like it is over. At times it has looked like it was over for me but that is when God showed up, showed out and did His best work!

As a result my life is fulfilled! God has provided everything that I need and filled every void! I am lacking in nothing! I will continue on this path, the journey to Divine Life! I am living it and you can too! Although God has promised us so many things I made a personal promise to Him. No matter how successful I become I will always keep God at the forefront of my life! As I keep God first I will have an attitude of thankfulness! Now that’s a MAJOR KEY! Stay focused on your journey, do not allow worldly issues and negativity to affect your life or cause you to get off the path! God is with you and He lives in you! Because of this you can live the life He has designed just for you!


Happy Sunday! 🙂





Always Trusting, Never Forgetting!

Every once in a while I am reminded that Trusting God has gotten me where I am today and will continue to get me through this wonderful blessing called life. Life can be hard, difficult, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. In these hard moments I have to take a step back and remember how I’ve gotten this far. Doing this helps me to ask God for peace and strength when I feel I can’t take it anymore, so I can move forward instead of being stuck in a difficult place.  When I think back on my life thus far I know that without God’s help I wouldn’t be where I am and I try to never forget that.

These past few weeks with transitioning from 2016 to 2017 and also transitioning places in my career all while I had vacation plans has literally been non stop. From getting things together to making sure other people are doing their jobs that may have effected an area in my life, trying to do my best to make sure everything  goes smoothly. But of course everything did not go as smooth as I would have wanted it. I normally (unless I am under a lot of pressure) do not let small things bother me or disrupt my plans. So one thing happens and my reaction is that it is okay, instead I can do this. Another thing happens and I am still cool and calm, but about time the 6th or 7th thing goes wrong I am knocking on frustrations door!

I have to remember that some things are completely out of my control and that is where God steps in. I do not have to apologize to God for being  frustrated because He understands and hears my cry, but I do have to Trust that He has a solution for every problem. Once I am reminded to constantly depend on and Trust in God to help me, I am able to be at complete peace and worry free. Trusting God completely means not going over the what if’s in my mind, or torturing myself about what I could have done better. I made a decision to give all my worries to God and know in my heart He will provide all that I need. A solution for every problem!

In conclusion, although we have hectic times in our lives, a lot to do and things we worry about, just remember God’s got you! He has your Front, Back & Sides! He has you covered! All that you need, desire and hope for God is there! How God is there for you cannot be compared to your parents or even a best friend, He shows up and out for you just because He loves you in a way no human can ever love you! God is love! And He is always accessible to you at anytime for anything! No matter what life hands you always remember that!

Happy Sunday! 🙂



Grab A Hold To Your Dreams & Don’t Let Go!

Have you ever had the feeling that your dreams are farfetched or unreachable? I know I have but once I learned and accepted my life’s purpose my perspective changed.  I became more open to ideas, differences and people. I became encouraged and inspired to do all I desired and to receive all that God has for me.  Doing this caused a big change not only in my life but also in my way of thinking. I now never doubt my dreams will come true or that anything is impossible. I know that I can not only have what I say but what I picture in my head. With God as my partner in this gift He gave called life I know that I am limitless and my dreams can, will and are becoming my reality.

I didn’t always think this way but I am now able to see the big picture. We have all heard the sayings: “Live, Laugh, Love”, Live Life To The Fullest”, and  “YOLO”. But what do these sayings really mean to you? Do you believe you can actually have the life you dream of? Are you open to the challenges, people that are put on your path to help you and the ambition it takes to get there? Yes, God is great and He can do anything but He requires us to do our part. The truth is with this special partnership you can do and have all you dream of! Is that awesome or nah?

The most important part of living your dreams is to commit to holding on to them, pursuing them and believing that no matter what may come your way or what people say you can live your best life. Let’s keep in mind we only have one! So let’s do it right! The time is now, no more waiting until Monday or next year, prepare, plan, study, pray, have faith and above all believe! While doing this I am sure you will touch lives, encourage others and inspire those who may think their dreams are impossible! As a wise person once told me “Just get it done, You have to!”

Say Aloud: “My dreams are my reality!” You can have what you say!

Now Go Get Started, Your Dreams Are Waiting On You!

Happy Thursday! 🙂