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Moving Forward With God!

While on the journey to Divine Life you will always experience increase. God increases our lives to different levels, each level being higher than the previous one. Once a new level is reached some things and people may stay on their current level while you are Moving Forward! Recognize that some people, things, characteristics and situations are meant to be in your life for only a season. Everything is not meant to be in your life forever, just like you may be rising to a new level some things and people are not meant to come with you.

With increase comes growth and wisdom. When God increases you He brings you to a new place in which you haven’t been before, a place where you are a better version of yourself. In this new place you do things differently, think differently and expect different results. All of our old habits, old friends and traditions may change. When this happens don’t spend too much time thinking about why these things have changed just embrace it and be grateful.

Everything God does is for a reason. Don’t take for granted how God is protecting you and leading you to what He has for you. Of course bad things do not come from God but if a situation occurs that you consider bad God will always make it work out in your favor. When I think about the relationships I’ve had with people and how they have changed I’m thankful! Everyone is not on God’s plan or seeking God’s best for their lives. Those that are on their own plans leading and guiding themselves will be separated from those of us who have accepted God’s plan for our lives. Being an example in the earth of all the awesome things God can do will attract some and deter others. Just know those whom are meant to be in your life at appointed times will be.

After you’ve accepted that the concept of increase sometimes means leaving others behind don’t feel bad about the journey God has set you on. Great things and people will come into your life and you can take comfort in knowing those things and people were sent by God. It will be very easy to recognize that which doesn’t belong. I always remind myself of that because we can easily develop a long term attachment for those who are only seasonal. As we continue to put God first and at the center of every area in our lives He will always reveal to us new things, new people, new places and new levels. No one can Move Forward always looking back over their shoulder. Don’t allow your past to affect your future!

Happy Monday! ❤️



Grab A Hold To Your Dreams & Don’t Let Go!

Have you ever had the feeling that your dreams are farfetched or unreachable? I know I have but once I learned and accepted my life’s purpose my perspective changed.  I became more open to ideas, differences and people. I became encouraged and inspired to do all I desired and to receive all that God has for me.  Doing this caused a big change not only in my life but also in my way of thinking. I now never doubt my dreams will come true or that anything is impossible. I know that I can not only have what I say but what I picture in my head. With God as my partner in this gift He gave called life I know that I am limitless and my dreams can, will and are becoming my reality.

I didn’t always think this way but I am now able to see the big picture. We have all heard the sayings: “Live, Laugh, Love”, Live Life To The Fullest”, and  “YOLO”. But what do these sayings really mean to you? Do you believe you can actually have the life you dream of? Are you open to the challenges, people that are put on your path to help you and the ambition it takes to get there? Yes, God is great and He can do anything but He requires us to do our part. The truth is with this special partnership you can do and have all you dream of! Is that awesome or nah?

The most important part of living your dreams is to commit to holding on to them, pursuing them and believing that no matter what may come your way or what people say you can live your best life. Let’s keep in mind we only have one! So let’s do it right! The time is now, no more waiting until Monday or next year, prepare, plan, study, pray, have faith and above all believe! While doing this I am sure you will touch lives, encourage others and inspire those who may think their dreams are impossible! As a wise person once told me “Just get it done, You have to!”

Say Aloud: “My dreams are my reality!” You can have what you say!

Now Go Get Started, Your Dreams Are Waiting On You!

Happy Thursday! 🙂