Sometimes it is hard to be and stay motivated especially around this time of year. So many of us gear up and get ready for the holidays but lose focus of the most important things. We begin to make resolutions that we don’t keep past the first month of the year and somehow find ourselves in the same situation the following year. It is up to each person individually to pursue desired changes and improvement.

On the journey to improvement we must achieve Acceptance. Accepting the things, situations and people we cannot change as well as Accepting the place, phase and season our lives are in. With Acceptance comes the reality of what is working and what is not. Allowing ourselves to see a clear picture of where we are and what we desire. This is where the opportunity for Motivation shows up! 

Once we know what we have in front of us then we can create attainable goals. Goals that we can commit to and stick with in order to actually achieve them. Goals that are realistic are more likely to be reached than those that are only dreams without a plan or course in order to make that dream come true. Taking the best path to achieve those goals includes integrity, Self Love and God. 

When we include these key aspects we can and will be successful. Do your best to enjoy the journey on your way to reach the goal that you create. Stay committed to God, loving yourself, maintaining your integrity and reaching that goal. By doing this peace, confidence and success will follow! 

Stay Motivated Through All Things! We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Us As Well As Our Faith! 

Happy Motivational Monday!

Stay Encouraged! 

With Love,


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