Accepting The Blueprint!


Looking at the state of the world today people are experiencing struggle, loss, success and victories. The pains of life can have a weight to it and the desire to have more can add pressure. Seeking out what to do now and where to go from here can leave usĀ  with so many questions. God where are you? Why did you allow this to happen? God I want this, why hasn’t it happened? The focus to maintain isn’t attainable things or pain caused from life events.

The focus is God. What He has planned for us and how to allow Him fully into our lives and heart. Ask for His assistance and fully trust His direction in every area of our lives. Ensure we are living in the right manner. In a way that pleases God as well as shows love to ourselves as well as others. Ensuring we are not stepping into consistent sin and outside of God’s will and protection. Fulfilling our purpose, creating great memories and positively impacting our lives as well as those who surround us and look to us as an example.

 God Got Us in every area. He has the answers, He is the way, He is the truth, He is the light, He thinks great thoughts about us and He knows the best life we should be living. Will you accept what God has for you today? Or will you continue to live the life you want for yourself? God will take care of our enemies and those who rise up against us for an evil purpose. He takes care of us and everything around us. 

God has the blueprint. Go to Him and follow it. Be exactly who He has created you to be, not who the world wants you to be. Forgive often, be open always and live freely by faith and with God!

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love,


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