BLACKBERRY MOLASSES: The Thoughts & Experiences Of A Educated Black American Woman.


Discrimination and Racism was created hundreds of years ago by one race who considered themselves “superior”. That race is White/Caucasian which also can be from Europe, Ireland, Germany and other countries where their ancestors procreated people with white skin. All over the world this “superior race” called themselves in charge, the head of everything and the takers of what wasn’t theirs so they can call it belonging to them. This includes land, regions and countries. In order for this race to continue to be “superior” they decided to teach their children and their children’s children to be afraid of and/or mistreat other races who do not look like them, talk like them, or came from a different background than them. Because of this we now have Racism and Discrimination. 

The main race that is considered a minority and the bottom of all the races to the “superior” race is Black/African American people. Whose ancestors were stolen from their country of birth to come to another country and sold to be slaves for the good of only the “superior” race. Slaves were not treated like people instead they were treated like animals, being told what to do every minute of every day and if a mistake was made or their voice was used to say something (other than yes master), or someone lied on them they were raped, beaten, lynched and killed. This is the true history of Racism and Discrimination. 

After hundreds of years, The Civil Rights Movement and many other strides that Black people fought for, white people still consider themselves “superior” wherever they are. This includes the workplace. In most companies with hiring power their leadership team is mostly white. They may have some other races included in that leadership team as well. If there’s a Black person that is a part of leadership, they are most likely the only Black person, especially if the Black person has a title like “Diversity and Inclusion Director” or something similar. Some people may see this as progress, but I see it as a true gimmick. A way to use one Black person only to say there is diversity in your leadership team. That Black person most of the time doesn’t have any hiring and firing power so they are not able to hire people who look like them. Or they become accustomed to being the only person of their race on that team. 

Oftentimes that one Black person amongst other races is still looked down on, talked to condescendingly and mistreated. When they speak up on an issue they are ignored and dismissed, when they bring forth great ideas someone else takes the credit and when they go against the grain their jobs are threatened. Racism and Discrimination still exists. As an educated Black Woman, I have experienced a higher amount of Bias, Racism and Discrimination in the professional Workplace. When I speak up, I am told to be quiet, when I acquire more education, I am targeted and when I stand up for myself, I am called angry, a bully and unprofessional. This is not only the race that calls themselves “superior”, but this also includes other races that look at Black people like they are truly at the bottom.

I have recently been looking for a new opportunity to grow my career. In interviews I have been told by the people interviewing me “they don’t feel that I have as much experience as they see on my resume, and I need to prove them wrong”. I’ve also been told that I didn’t know how to answer questions and give examples”, as well as “you are overqualified” for a job where I have everything the job description asked for. This was all by people who don’t look like me, were intimidated by my experience, education and God given Black Beauty. But at the end of the day, I will keep going! 

Being a Black person and also to point out being a Black Woman I’ve been discriminated against many times in many areas. It is REAL! It is still happening! But the God that I serve will never let me down. Promotion comes from God and not from people. And to all of those people who consider themselves “superior” to Black people, think again! Educate yourself! You have been taught that you are better than people who don’t look like you but I’m here to tell you, You Are Not! If I wanted your job, I could have it because I am educated and experienced. I did not get where I am because of who I know. I have worked hard to reach the goals I have achieved, and you can’t stop me or anyone else who looks like me! So, if you want to be better than me, work harder, get more education like I did and be the best at your job like I am! Don’t judge others on what you have been taught. Open your eyes and see for yourself that Black people will always be here and there is literally nothing you can do about that! So, embrace others! Be kind! Treat all people like you want to be treated! 

You never know what position God is going to put me in or someone who looks like me in. We may be interviewing you for a position you desire and will have the power to be the decision maker. You never know, so live your life in a meaningful way instead of continuing an ancient habit that was taught. Because trust me there are plenty of people who don’t look like you who are better than you! And that’s the facts! 

Black people everywhere Keep Your Head Up! When they go low, we go higher! Okaaaaaaay! No one person or group of people can decide how far you go in life! God Got Us! 

And those who claim to be allies, put action to your words. If you are in a position of leadership, use your privilege to uplift and advance Black people. Speak up because they will listen! Do what’s right all the time! Don’t just say you support us, actually do something to support us! And I’m not talking about wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T shirt or going to a protest. Do something that actually helps Black people, especially in the Workplace. The working class will be improved but only with action! 

Stay Encouraged! 


JB ❤️


The Life Of A Black American Woman.

Many people seem to know what it looks like to be a Black American Woman but very few understand. No matter what path of life a Black American Woman chooses there are many obstacles that she has to face within her lifetime. On the outside a Black American Woman is beautiful, strong, versatile, many hues of brown, tan and black. She is most of the time confident because she doesn’t want anyone to think she is to be mistaken for a fool and wears a resting face that may not be pleasant to others for protection. She walks with her head held high and speaks with an assertive voice which other races call “talking Black”. 

On The inside She has many roles and responsibilities in life such as Mother, Sister, Wife, Aunt Daughter and Grandmother. She leads and directs her family in a way only a Black American Woman could. She makes difficult decisions, sacrifices and puts many before herself. She strives to be the best She can in all She does and achieves anything She puts her mind to. Because of her past difficulties and life experiences She has survived and learned. She is also put down by other races through their words, bias, personal beliefs, jealousy, and privileges that She never had a right to experience in the first place. 

She is praised for her strength and tenacity all while tolerating other races looking down upon her as if She means nothing. She stands up for Herself and uses Her voice even when other races make it known that Her voice doesn’t matter. Her work ethic is unappreciated and underrated. Her Education and hard work is overlooked and dismissed, but yet She continues to strive for what God says She can have and turns the other cheek to those who mistreat her unknowingly to them She knows in Her heart She has the Victory! 

Next time you see a Black American Woman show Her some respect. Know that She is setting an example for future Black American Women. Treat Her kindly as She lives out Her life’s journey as She has and will continue to experience unkind people. Thank Her for being who She is in this world. Making Her mark on this world, setting trends, creating, innovating and breaking barriers all while staying strong in Her faith and True to who God created Her to be. 

Welcome To Blackberry Molasses! 

The Life And Experiences of a Black American Woman. 

With Love,

JB ❤️

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