Can I Help You?


Helping others can come naturally to some people but for others it doesn’t seem to come at all. The reason behind helping someone else can be that they pull on our heart strings because of our relationship with them or our feelings towards them. Maybe God has placed it within our hearts to help someone in need with a specific difficulty being experienced. It seems to make sense that we would help others in any way physically, financially and emotionally if we are able to. But there is a line that can be crossed when those who ask or need help may not be able to see that it is not okay to keep expecting to be helped without helping themselves and helping others as well. 

God has created us all with a natural instinct to be around others and have relationships including family, friends and romantic relationships. He also created us to help one another when we can, be a support to one another and lift each other up. By doing this we can continue to be a positive force in each other’s lives and receive the support we need when we need it. But if everyone does not participate we can end up experiencing hurt from being used and turning on our defense mechanisms when it seems that all that is asked of us is not returned in gratefulness, consideration and support. 

Feeling responsible for others’ livelihoods is not something we are meant to do unless we are parents to children. It is never ok to put the responsibilities of one person on another when they are well and capable of providing and making good decisions for themselves. It is always ok to ask for help when it is needed but it is not ok to expect someone to take over another’s responsibilities because of someone’s poor decision making. 

“Can I Help You?” is often asked when we go to a place where we expect a service, such as a grocery store, a clothing store, a bank, a restaurant or any other establishment where service is expected. It is not considerate or compassionate when we treat those close to us like an expected service. People who ask others for help should always consider NO to be an answer. And the person being asked for something has every right to say the word NO at any given time. God gives us all the answers we need when we go to Him. And He is the one we should be depending on in order to make the right choices, help those we should and say NO to those we shouldn’t. 

God wants us all to treat each other as we would like to be treated. I am sure that no one wants to feel used, abused or like they are not being considered by the people who expect the most out of them. It’s also important to remember yourself in this situation. If you are a person who gives freely, has a big heart and is eager to help others, consider what elements are going on in your life and if you are able to extend yourself to others. Be sure to go to God because He has an answer for every question and a solution for every problem. He protects our hearts the best and leads and guides us to those who we are meant to help and make a positive impact on. If you are the person who finds no shame in asking for help when you are suffering the consequences of your poor decisions, just know one day that help will run out. Try helping someone and those blessings will be returned to you. God will always be there to help you if you go to Him and receive His help. 

Happy Thursday! 

Stay Encouraged! 

With Love,

JB ❤️