Closeness With God!


Have you ever thought about how close you are to God? A relationship with God includes a type of closeness that cannot be compared to any other experience in my opinion. In the same way we can also feel far away from God even though He is never too far away. The way that we take care of our relationship with God is even more important than the relationships we have with people. Putting in the work to stay close to God and grow closer to God depends on how we view our relationship with Him and how we choose to live our lives. 

As some people who currently have a relationship with God may know, He does have expectations of us. It’s not a play by play rule book but let’s just say there is a difference between what is right and what is wrong. Our choices in life can allow us to be closer or farther away from God. Even though God is so gracious and there is nothing we can do that He will not forgive us for, in order to be close to Him we have to honor Him with our lives. This includes our choices and actions. 

If you have ever been to any church, joined or visited long enough, you may have experienced people saying they have a relationship with God but living in a way that is not pleasing to God. Well, in that same respect it is important to remember church or no church God holds us all accountable. 

From my personal experience I have been in situations where if it was not for my relationship with God I am certain I would have made some different choices. Because I honor and value my relationship with God as well as desire to be and stay close to Him I think about what He expects of me, how He has my back and how He holds me to a higher standard. Because I feel this way my actions are different. I desire to please God so I ensure my choices line up with that. It is very hard for me to say one thing and do another because I have integrity and I know I have become the woman God has created me to be. I am no longer on my own doing things for only my pleasure with myself in mind at all times. I am always thinking of Him and the plan He has for my life. 

By viewing and valuing my relationship with God in a positive way, it is natural for me to put in the effort to stay close to Him. I talk to Him, I pray to Him, I think good thoughts about myself because of Him and I am living out the purpose He has planned for my life daily. I must admit living out God’s plan for my life is not easy but it is always worth it! Just as God has expectations of us, He fully plans to fulfill all He has promised to us! Because…..God Got Us! ❤️

2 Chronicles 12:14 "He did evil because he did not set his heart to seek and worship and honor the Lord."

With Love,

JB ❤️

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