Conquering Concerns And Apprehension!


Concern and Apprehension are a part of life that has to be looked at closely. What is the cause of the Concern and Apprehension? What past experience causes us to proceed with caution? What makes us feel that a decision or idea may not be good for us? The answers to these questions can vary. It may have been the environment we were in, the people we were surrounded by or simply a fearful moment. We have to be careful not to allow our Concern and Apprehension to turn into a spirit of fear. 

Fear causes us to miss out on the things God has for us and also causes even more Concern, Apprehension and a negative outlook on how things can play out. As we have learned this far, life isn’t always easy. It’s filled with many moments of great things, sad things, and crazy things. It takes us on a ride and sometimes we can get lost or find a path that works for us and is pleasing to God. 

I recently took a trip to New York to spend some time with one my really awesome friends and at first I was very Concerned and Apprehensive about the trip. I had many Concerns and quite a bit of Apprehension. I haven’t traveled since 2019 and it just seems like more of a risk as the pandemic continues. I hadn’t seen my friend in about 7 years and we have been trying to reunite. I weighed the pros first which included: seeing my friend, helping her to celebrate her birthday, having fun and getting away. Then naturally I weighed the cons which included: expensive New York, dirty subways, covid and Crowds. After research and asking for a few days off of work I decided it was worth it. Our trip was wonderful, we stayed safe. Every place we went to required you to be vaccinated for entry and we had many great, fun and funny experiences. We laughed a lot. At ourselves and at interesting situations. We had a mini crisis after I ordered a non alcoholic margarita and the bartender filled my margarita mix with orange juice that I am allergic to. But I was prepared (Benadryl to the rescue). Overall the trip was truly worth it!

We should look at all situations this way. Weigh the pros and cons, go to God for guidance when you need it. Don’t allow fear to creep in through Concern and Apprehension. Make the decision you know is right for you, the decision God is leading you to. Even if things don’t go perfectly the end result will always be good! 

Never Forget God Got Us! ❤️ He is always there for us forever and always through everything! 

Stay Encouraged! 

With Love,