Enjoying The Journey!


Enjoying Life doesn’t always include luxury vacations and a life of always being happy all of the time. Enjoying every moment good and bad and trusting God that everything will work out in your favor, embracing all positivity, recognizing what is not for you or good for you and knowing that God has a plan and purpose for your life. Now that’s Enjoying the Journey! 

Many times we can find gratitude in the small things such as, waking up to a fresh new day, peace and quiet or a specific opportunity. God is in the details, in the sunset and sunrise, in the position he puts us in as well as the appointed time that we are in. Everything God does has a purpose and that includes the journey we find ourselves on. Be careful not to mix up the wonders and blessings that God bestows on us with the consequences we may suffer because of poor choices. Everyone makes mistakes and should learn from them in order to live the life God has planned. His mercies are fresh and new daily, He loves us and understands that we are not perfect. He still has great plans for us and is always on our side. 

As most of us have experienced, life is not always easy. It comes with challenges, consequences, rewards, hardships and amazing times. Through it all try to take a moment with God to thank Him for where you are now, how far you have come and where you are going. Take a minute to enjoy the moment you are in currently, to breathe in and out calmly and to remind yourself of the great things God has in store for you! Take the time to truly Enjoy the Journey! 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

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