Faith Vision!


Having a Vision of what you desire is a great aspect of life. Knowing that God is at the forefront of that Vision leading and guiding us to the desires He has placed within our hearts comes with confidence and ambition. It is important that we see ourselves as God sees us and visualize His plan for our lives. 

The way that we can be sure we have Faith Vision is by accepting the life God has created just for us. As we know in life we can come up with our own ideas and plans that do not include God. These plans always turn out to be the opposite of what we originally thought would happen in our lives. We have to include and trust God in order to have the Faith Vision needed to live out our true purpose. 

With Faith Vision comes adjustments, learning and improvement opportunities. If we stay in a space where we cannot take direction or want to do things in a way that is not pleasing to God we will not have Faith Vision. Believing in and Living for God comes with many promises and most importantly a covenant. God makes a covenant with us that He will always be there for us, forgive us, guide us and provide everything we could ever need and want in every area.

 The other side to this is that God is not a magician, sitting on a throne pulling rabbits out of a hat. When we say jump He does not say how high? Faith Vision allows us to get to know God and see Him for who and what He really is! We have a part to do and if we stay true to our partnership with God He will stay true to His promises! Because He loves us so much He will continue to stay true to His promises even when we don’t do our part. But He will not stop us from reaping the consequences of our actions and choices. 

In my experience living for God and having Faith Vision has allowed me to be more open, confident, forgiving, compassionate, and wise. Because God has shown me who He created me to be, implanted in my heart and spirit what I mean to Him and shows how much He loves me it is easier for me to have Faith Vision! I am able to see all the great things God has for me and it is normal for God to be my first point of contact in all situations. I trust Him and He trusts me. My plans have become one with His plans. We have a great partnership, relationship and I honestly would not consider living any other way! That’s right I’m sold out for God! 

Wherever you are in your faith journey, allowing God to come into your life and guide you will give you Faith Vision. You will be able to see your life exactly as God sees it and you will know what you are supposed to be doing and where you should be. This will give you clarity in your heart, mind and spirit, allowing you to have the Faith Vision God bestows on all of us!

“Where there is no vision, no revelation of God and His word, the people are unrestrained; But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law of God.” Proverbs 29:18 (Amplified Bible)

Happy Wednesday! 

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