Today’s post will be different from my normal posts. First I would like to say Thank You to all of my readers! I truly appreciate you all coming to my site every Wednesday and Sunday! I pray that as I continue to live out my Faith Journey you will be encouraged by my experiences and my relationship with God while hopefully living out your Faith Journey as well! ❤️ 

This is a Freestyle Post! Hence the title. This means I will be sharing my experience freely. I am not focusing on one particular subject but I still aim to encourage you today! 

So this week has been one that has surprised me. It is so crazy how we can get into a routine and still can be surprised occasionally. It is officially Fall and the pace of my life has picked up more speed than I expected. I am currently in school and of course working full time and I really thought that since this is my last term of school I would totally have everything under control. Well I experienced out of control feelings this week. 

I had a tough couple of days at work and while I do work from home I have to constantly collaborate with others in order to fulfill my job role responsibilities. Now granted I love this job! I have a wonderful Team Leader, really helpful coworkers and super awesome benefits. With that being said I cannot accept when people are unprofessional and disrespectful. I was talked down to a good few times in the course of a few days by the same person. The thing is I have to work with this person and I did let a couple of the comments slide until I didn’t. 

It is never okay to allow others no matter who they are to speak crazy to you. And yes I am that professional that stands up for myself no matter what. This doesn’t mean I have to be unprofessional to get my point of view heard and we all have to show people how we should be treated. With kindness and assertive communication I stood up for myself by not allowing their thoughts to become my thoughts, taking ownership of my part in the work we were completing together and lastly by ensuring I am and will continue to do the right thing. 

When feelings of frustration and sometimes anger comes over us we have to remember we are in control. At the end of the day I represent God as His child and His servant. I will not do anything that I know is not pleasing to God. Now after the meeting ended did I have some choice words to yell at my computer? Yes I did! Lol. But overall I was able to stand firm on my thoughts and morals without being run over with someone else’s thoughts, words and degrading tone. 

Here I am thinking Wow what a week? And it was only Tuesday! Now it’s time for me to complete my assignments. I have 2 classes for my final term of school and I gave myself a head start on my assignments due. I was able to complete. 1 PowerPoint presentation, a cover letter and resume as well as another PowerPoint presentation that was in progress. My professor for my Capstone class asked for bibliographies on 10 peer reviewed articles. That’s right 10. So I had to read, summarize and type into the PowerPoint and lastly add voice audio for every slide. I just knew I would have this assignment completed on time. Little did I know I was wrong! I was up until 2AM completing this assignment which was due on Tuesday so that technically makes my assignment late. 

In the moments leading up to the deadline I had many thoughts of giving up. I was tired, emotionally exhausted and just really over it! I called out to God a few times. I just said “Lord help your child”. I said it over and over until finally I began to feel calm coming over my aggravated mind. The devil of course took this opportunity to chime in. I immediately had negative thoughts: just give up, you can’t do it, this will not work, you will never finish. And then I said No! I will finish! This is my last term. I am graduating in 7 weeks. I have worked too hard to get here. Thank you Lord! My mind had begun to push out the negativity and replace it with encouragement. If I don’t know anything else I know what God has led me to do I will complete! I already have the victory and His plan is already in place! I took a tiny break to take some deep breaths, think peacefully and got back to it! 

I completed my assignment. Yes, it was late and yes I didn’t get much sleep before work today but I have done what I set out to do! I have completed the task and there will be many more times I will have to push through and overcome negative thoughts and difficult situations. But having God in my life and in heart makes all the difference. Everything will not be peachy all the time but all that we go through God will give us a double portion! He is always in the details, helping us to overcome and being thankful for the great things that show up for us just because we did not give up! 

I will also be moving soon! Definitely an upgrade from where I am and it’s all because of God. The devil knows when great things are coming your way and He always looks so silly trying to stop it! He can’t stop what God is doing for you or for me! So persevere, push through and ask God for His Help! He Got Us! 

And I can’t wait to be living in my new home while living my best life having completed my 3rd Degree! It’s Harvest Time!!! 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️

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