During the hustle and activities of everyday life that comes with it’s daily obstacles it can be easy to become focused on other things. Things that are temporary and things which we have no control over. We can even become focused on the obstacle in front of us and fill our minds with what if and how questions that we won’t have the answer to until a future event occurs. 

It is very easy to focus on things that fill us with anxiety and unnecessary pressure. But when we take a minute to realize where we are and how far God has brought us we can fill our hearts with thankfulness and gratitude towards God for all that He has done and will continue to do. If only we become God Focused! 

When I stop to Focus on God I automatically remind myself that I have nothing to worry about. I am a true thinker, I think through every logical but possible scenario before I make a decision. All of my decisions include God but sometimes He will not specifically say anything about a decision I want to make. When this happens I thank Him for the wisdom He has given me to make the best choice to have the best possible outcome. With God even what seems impossible is possible. I am then filled with joy and gratefulness knowing that what I desire and set out to do is already taken care of because I’m God Focused and He is in the details. 

Life comes with it’s ups and downs but when we trust God we are not going at life alone. When we Focus on God He is there helping us, pushing us and guiding us to all that He has planned. Be patient in your journey with God. He will not tell you something He knows you already know. When He knows He has given us the tools to make good decisions and do the right thing He will oftentimes be silent but He is always there. His confirmation and set ups are the best! He will always send us what we need and desire at the appointed time! We have to stay God Focused and use our Faith in Him to overcome obstacles, challenges and negativity. Living for God is not easy but it’s worth it! Staying God Focused will set the tone for living the best life that anyone could imagine! And after all we have been through and overcame God is still so good to us! 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love,


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