If you have ever visited or been a part of a church you may have heard the phrase “Put on the whole armor of God” but throughout our spiritual journey it is important to fill your mind, heart and spirit with the things and words of God. By filling ourselves with the thoughts and promises of God we can find peace, joy, strength, healing and be empowered not to give up on ourselves or others. In order to live the life God has designed just for us we must be God Full! 

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the big picture as we navigate the challenges life will and can bring. Realizing that while these moments are temporary God is always there alongside us to help us and guide us through hardships. So many times I have been focused on the problem instead of the solutions God provides. Being God Full allows us to look to Him first and receive His peace, joy and strength to keep us going. As the old folks say, Trouble don’t last always and with that in mind it is important for us to depend solely and fully on God in every area of our lives.

Being God Full causes us to become free of worry when we make the choice to give our burdens to God. When we don’t know what to do He does. Being God Full allows us to bounce back, pick ourselves up and move forward. I have had many moments where I felt the worst things were happening to me. I went to God and depended on Him and found myself in the best moments of my life after moving forward from a difficult time. Always remember where you currently are is not where you will stay and where you have been in the past is totally different from where you are. Reflect on the great things God has done and is currently doing in your life to stay encouraged in faith. Being God Full is better than being hopeless for the things, words and promises of God is Full of Hope and a bright future. 

And This Too Shall Pass! 

Happy Wednesday And Stay Encouraged!

With Love,

JB ❤️

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