Going To God In Prayer!


There is no situation where we will not need God. God is the light, a prominent guide and He provides us with not only our needs but the desires of our hearts. Going to God in prayer is not only a way to ask God for something but to communicate with Him, depending on Him to help us with everything in every area of our lives. 

Personally, I depend on God daily. Yesterday was Tuesday but it was more like hump day for me as I had a couple of humps to get over. I struggled with making a decision in regards to a relationship that is special to me. I didn’t pray about it at first, I just let how I felt linger. I woke up this morning thinking about yesterday and I felt uneasy about the situation. I opened my Bible and it landed on 2 Chronicles Chapters 4-6. It spoke about an altar being built so that people could come to it and pray. By praying at this altar people would know God will hear them and answer their prayers. 

I sat there and thought wow, I don’t need an altar I can go directly to God about anything anytime. So I prayed and I immediately felt relief. I knew exactly what to do and what decision had to be made. I received from God when I went to Him in Prayer! 

God wants us to enjoy the life He has for us. Living God’s way is not easy but it is so worth it and very rewarding. It all started with one simple prayer. And as your journey and my journey continues, it is important to always go to God. He loves us and will always be there for us. One source of communication, simply letting Him know you choose and need Him and will allow Him to show you how to live the life He has planned for you. 

Want to make a true and everlasting change in your life? Need help making life decisions and direction? Go to God In Prayer! All you need and desire is in Him! God is and should be our first go to. Nurture and grow your relationship with God through prayer! Never Forget God Got Us! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

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