Having Perfect Peace!


As we continue living our life’s journey it is imperative to keep our Peace intact. In order to receive the Peace of God we must continue to tap into God’s spirit that lives within us. This may require making quiet time to spend with God, praying for guidance and making life decisions that will promote the Peace we desire. 

When we look at how God provides for us it always comes from within. It starts with a small whisper or a light bulb moment. He gives us understanding in a way that allows us to make the best decisions and continue on the path to living in the purpose God has created for our lives and receiving all He has for us. 

Along the way there will be obstacles and tribulations that can cause our minds to wonder, doubt and even lose focus. But as long as we search our hearts and look within we will find God, His Peace, His Love and everything that we need to move forward and live the life He has designed just for us. Instead of looking outward or to others for Peace or whatever you may need, look within, focus your thoughts on God and Have Perfect Peace! 

Happy Wednesday!

With Love,


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