It’s The God In Me!


Sometimes when people look at me they don’t see me for who I truly am, the person God created me to be. It is easy to judge a book by it’s cover and to make assumptions about someone’s life when you not only don’t know their story but you don’t know their struggle. Just know what you see is The God In Me!

Everyone has their own journey to walk and their own choices to make. As for me I choose whole heartedly to live for God. Living for God doesn’t come with a life that is perfect but a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful. A light that shines from within with boldness and confidence. Just know what you see is The God In Me!

I put God first and follow His lead. This does not stop me from having my own ideas and plans but I always make sure I heed His plan for my life. With that being said I am so thankful and grateful. I am thankful for all of the experiences God has allowed me to have thus far. I am thankful for those who are currently in my life as well as those who aren’t but taught me a valuable lesson. I am walking on the path God has set me upon, moving forward and accepting His timing for blessings and manifestations. Just know what you see is The God In Me!

Challenges occur as life goes on and I continue to make the choice to love, forgive and move forward. I trust God to bring lifetime relationships that are meaningful and the tools to navigate the non-factors. I may stumble but like a mountain I will not be moved. I am strong and empowered to remove toxicity and welcome positivity only. Just know what you see is The God In Me! 

Underestimated at times although never intimidated, looked down upon by others with their opinions of what they feel I can and cannot achieve, mistreated by those who have professed to love me and still I choose to walk in love. I am an example of how God’s Love can transform lives. Just know that what you see is The God In Me! 

Nothing More, Nothing Less!

Be Encouraged and allow others to see The God In You at all times and in all situations! He is truly the reason for living and living freely by His Word!

Happy Thanksgiving! ?

With Love,

JB ❤️

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