Living For God & Dating.


This week I had a conversation with one of my close friends about dating and in particular how I felt about it. She is aware that I am celibate and have been for 9 years and she also knows I haven’t dated anyone in that same amount of time. She began to ask me a few questions such as would I be willing to date at this time? My answer was yes I am open to dating but……I am not getting on any dating apps, I do not hang out in clubs or bars and the person has to have a level of quality to them. Her next question was, well how do you expect to meet someone who could potentially be your husband?

 This question got me thinking but it didn’t take very long for me to come up with the answer. It can be mind boggling to some about this subject. I am waiting and saving myself for my husband but I am not actively looking ? for a husband. Some may think, you will never get a husband that way or you will be single forever. In this area of my life like all others I trust God. 

God knows all and He knows the man He has created just for me. I do agree that I should be and I am open to the idea that my husband can show up at any time and any place. I live my life by faith so I know as long as I have faith for what I desire the manifestation will happen at the appointed time. I do not allow the amount of time passed to discourage me. I also would not want to waste any time with someone who is not my husband. Those who are now wondering how will ever know, in the words of my friend “When you meet him, you will know!” 

While waiting for my husband I’ve made great strides. I’ve become more compassionate, open, closer to God, have forgiven bad experiences especially those pertaining to relationships, traveled alone because everyone should do that at least once, learned so much about myself, learned to love myself as well as  learned exactly what I want and what I don’t want. This time has not been wasted, it has been fulfilled with all the great characteristics that make an amazing woman and someday an amazing wife and life partner to the man who God has made just for me. 

Continue to trust that God can and will do what He has promised and will give us the desires of our hearts. Everything will happen in His timing! Not your timing and not my timing! He will bring all great and positive manifestations! I have accepted the plan He has for me without any doubts or reservations! I am truly sold out to God and living my life His way! Will you trust God with every area in your life including waiting and/or finding your future spouse? 

Happy Wednesday!

With Love, 

JB ❤️

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