Making Timeless Memories!


As the years have passed it has became more evident to me what is most important, which is spending time with others and Making Timeless Memories! Some things just have to be experienced in the moment and then stored in our memory banks for a lifetime. To me these are the best kinds of memories to make. We can share them with our family members and friends as well as reminisce on great times.

This past weekend I made some great Timeless Memories with my family and a close friend. I traveled to Louisiana for my Grandmother’s 92nd birthday! We had a great time just being in each other’s company. Many of my family members traveled to be present on the big day. We all had conversations, played, joked and embraced each other. Most of us are vaccinated but we were all sure to wear masks while in close quarters. My grandmother is always a joy to be around.  We went out to a steakhouse for dinner and enjoyed some good food including me and my dad. The best thing about this Timeless Memory for me is the fact that I was with my 2 favorite people enjoying some good food and conversation. There were times where we were noticing the people and surroundings of the restaurant but no one was on or engaged in their phone as a distraction. We were able to just be together! 

I was also able to spend some time with one of my close friends who I haven’t seen in a while. We talked and laughed and had a great brunch before visiting my grandmother one last time before I headed back home. I enjoyed her so much and so did my grandmother. We had a fabulous time! 

In my experience I have had many moments that I have captured on my phone and shared on social media. Concerts, Vacations and Family Events to name a few but it is now time for us to focus on the significant relationships in our lives and store these Timeless Memories in our minds and hearts. The next time you are spending time with your family or friends remember to put the phone down and engage in conversation. Ask meaningful questions, tell a joke, give someone an extra hug just because you are present and you are appreciative of others while Making Timeless Memories!

God has created us to love and be with one another in the best way! We crave relationships because of our makeup. So be sure to engage and appreciate the time we have with each other now. Do not take for granted the opportunity to create a positive and Timeless Memory! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

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