Mind Over Matter!


Isn’t it interesting how our minds can come up with theories and thoughts, wondering about many things such as the future, possibilities and how situations will play out including pros and cons? 

The mind is a very complex but wonderful place where we get to decide which thoughts are priority and worth our thinking time. Thoughts that dwell in our minds oftentimes become feelings, fear and beliefs. Sometimes we have a battle in our minds that causes us to depend on God’s spirit within us to push the negativity out and use our Mind Over Matter! 

Many people have a hard time winning the battle in their minds. The battle of fear, outside opinions, self esteem and self worth. Mental battles can be cured by recognizing that our thoughts can be controlled by us. God gives us the strength to live in the truth of His word. He has overcome the world so we are victorious! Once we understand that we do not have to fight mental battles alone and God’s word stands true no matter what is going on around us. We have all we need to win the battle. Don’t allow the devil and negative situations and people to put your mind in a dark place. Remember Mind Over Matter with God’s help is where we have already won! 

Using your Mind Over Matter is not an easy task. By actively working to push out what you don’t want in your mind is a daily routine that helps us to flex our brain into thinking only what we want to dwell and be. Everyday is a new day to get better at ignoring negativity and allowing positive thoughts to dwell in our minds and become one with our hearts. 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love, 


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