Nothing Worth Having Is Easy!


It is easy to get caught up in a world wind of thoughts and  questions of why? Constantly thinking of the things you don’t have, what you haven’t done and what you need to do.  The number one question I think when in a difficult moment is: Why is this so hard? As I have learned throughout my life’s journey Nothing Worth Having is Easy.

Hard work and effort is most important in life. God gives us these great desires and creative ideas but it is you who has to make them manifest in your life. Our relationship with God is also a partnership. We have to do our part and God will always do His. It is a simple saying that you get out of life what you put in. 

Of course this doesn’t mean that life can’t hand us a crock of crap sometimes, or to put it in nicer terms lemons. What did Beyonce’ make a whole successful album about? You got it, Lemonade! The end result is always how we handle things. God is there for us at all times. To help us in all situations, especially difficult moments.

I had a very difficult moment yesterday. I am in school getting my second masters degree. Last term I had a professor who intentionally gave me a hard time. He biasedly graded me because I asked a question about my grade. He continued as the weeks went on to grade every assignment, taking off points for small things that did not aid in my learning. I contacted my University and went through the grade appeal process, all for them to side with the professor. I was upset and felt so wronged but I trusted God. The professor did everything in his power to bring my grade down. He even changed the due date of the last assignment and didn’t tell the class so my classmates and I received a zero for the last assignment.

 Because God is who He is, I still ended that term with a B. Yesterday my new professor for my new term had taken off some of my discussion board points. I immediately remembered my experience from last term and had a freak out moment, tears and all. This is one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. 3 degrees girl why? Only because God has led me to this and is guiding me through this. 

After that difficult moment, I asked God to help me. I was able to calm myself down and I sent an email to my current professor asking how can I ensure I get my full points on my Discussion Board? He let me know his class required some extras that may not have been in my other classes. He was clear about what he wanted and what I needed to do. He even went back and updated my grade, adding my points back because I asked for clarity. No one situation is the same as the other.

 God is always looking out for us and going before us but we have to do our parts, work through the difficult moments and push forward. It’s not easy but it is definitely worth it. Never forget God Got Us.

Happy Wednesday! & Happy Cinco de Mayo!

With Love,

JB ❤️

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  1. Le

    WOW! This message is right on time. Thank you for the reminder that GOD is still GOD. All by HIMSELF.

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