Overflowing Love!


Have you ever wondered why God sent Jesus to the world? Or imagined all that Jesus went through and how He could endure all of that without giving up? Well, I know without a doubt and for a fact that it was God’s Overflowing Love that fueled Jesus to come to this world, endure and save us! 

Just as we endure hardships, difficulties and challenges in life so did Jesus. The plan and purpose God created for His life is to be an example of what Love truly is. I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before or have read it in The Holy Bible “God Is Love”. This is so true. God created Jesus out of Overflowing Love, so that we can not only be saved from sin but so that we can have a fulfilling and purposeful life on earth as well as everlasting life in Heaven. 

In my experience I’ve heard this so many times but I wasn’t exactly sure what God’s Love was. I grew up in church and was forced by my mother to attend and after a while it was just a way of life. During those times I heard about God but I didn’t truly know what it meant to have a relationship with God and experience His Overflowing Love. My teenage years were a bit hard. I was alone a lot because my mom was a single and worked a lot. My dad was always in my life but I lived with my mom. I had everything I needed because both my parents provided for me. Becoming more independent I went through many things by myself, figuring out the best decisions to make, handling social issues as well as issues at home was always on me. 

I am grateful for this experience but things always seemed so difficult so I would pray. My mom taught me about prayer and this is how I formed a relationship with God. I kept this going throughout college. I didn’t do things God’s way back then but I knew I could pray and He probably would listen to me. So I did. Every time I went through difficulties and didn’t know what to do, I would pray and ask God for His Help. Through prayer God showed up for me, helped me and began building my faith in Him. By the time I graduated from college this was my way of connecting to God. Little did I know being an adult was harder than being a teenager especially after college. I was really on my own! My dad worked in another state and me and my mom could never get along so I was basically homeless. I would sleep by friends and family of friends until I was able to get a stable job and somewhere to live permanently. I got back into school to get my Masters degree a year after graduating from undergrad just so I could live off of my student loans. 

I enrolled in school, got a job and went apartment hunting. My dad was financially helping me and agreed to be a co-signer for an apartment. I began my search and I knew I wanted to live in Metairie which is a surrounding area of New Orleans. I prayed and reminded God that His word says He promises to supply all of my needs. I went to these apartments I saw online and talked with the Leasing Agent. She informed me the apartments were all full and they had nothing available until next month. I was so emotionally exhausted that I began to cry in the office. I explained I needed somewhere to live right away.  The leasing agent then told me about their sister property and said she would call to see if they had any openings. She called and they did so she sent me over there. The manager at the sister property showed me a couple of apartments that I did not like. They were old and one even had a yellow stove. After the manager of this property saw my face she said I have one more apartment I can show you. She said it is still being worked on but will be done soon. So I said yeah I would like to see it. She took me to apartment 711, the numbers were big and gold on the door. She opened the door and I knew this was my home. The floors were tile, no carpet at all, the kitchen and bathroom counters were granite with chestnut colored cabinets and it was on the first floor. I immediately told her I wanted this one. We went to the office, I told her I was a student and my dad would be helping me. She gave me a student discount, talked on the phone with my dad and gave me a move in date for a week later! I was so excited and relieved. Not only had God answered my prayers but He gave me what I desired instead of just what I needed. He also put the right people in place to have compassion for me and to help me get into my first apartment. 

God showed up for me because He loves me! I wasn’t living on His plan at the time but after He showed me His Overflowing Love my faith grew! This was the first time I began to know God for myself and build a relationship with Him versus just going to church and hearing about Him. I continued to stay connected with God through prayer and four years later, (yeah it took me a while Lol. I’m a natural sceptic and a Scorpio) I rededicated my life to God and surrendered to His plan for my life. 

It was His Love that healed me from past hurts and showed me how to forgive. It was His Love that gave me clarity of those people I should let go of. It was His Love that gave me wisdom and motivation to do what He has called to do and go where He called me to go. It is His Love that causes me to Love myself to the highest level and have the confidence that comes from Him. It is His Overflowing Love that pulls me closer and closer to Him everyday and allow me to share that Love with others!

 This is clearly the best decision I have made and I take my relationship with God seriously. Living for God is truly a lifestyle and experiencing His Overflowing Love is a part of it. Will you choose to experience God’s Love? His Love has been a constant and positive force in my life! Try Him for yourself and see how God’s Overflowing Love will change your life and encourage you!

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️

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  1. Angela

    Your story sounds so much like mine. I’m a PK so I too, was raised in church! I strayed and did my own thing because I felt at times “smothered” by my parents. Thankfully, I returned and now sooooo glad they planted the seed of faith and Jesus Christ in me. I love your story and what God has done/is doing in your life!
    -Dr. Angela L Harris

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