Me Time Matters! You Matter!

self-love-regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).


We will all reach a point in life when we will wonder ” What’s Next?” A point where we have accomplished some things or maybe even many things but still desire more. A point that may come with hardship, obstacles and challenges. A point in our lives where we may feel a tug at our hearts to move on, but to what? What’s Next? 

We cannot predict what the future will bring but as long as we include God in our lives, we can be sure that whatever is next will be good. It will be something more than what we prayed for, more than what we could ever ask or think because that is what God has planned for us. Our thinking is always on a people level. A level where our minds could fathom a dream or idea. But God thinks on a God size level. A level that we don’t understand, a level that is spiritual and a level that has all the details down to the timing perfect. This is a level we cannot understand but a level we will experience on earth as long as we put our trust in God. 

One of the main things that I love about God is even when I can’t see it, He can. When I have a dream that I feel is unattainable, He has a plan to bring it to pass. When I feel like giving up, He encourages me. And when it looks like what I prayed for is not going to happen, He makes it happen at the time He appointed just for me. God not only does that for me but for all of us. Things never work out the way we have them planned in our minds, but God continues to put desires in our hearts that He will make come to reality. In this journey called Life, we must trust God, trust ourselves and believe we can have all that God has planned. 

Just a reminder that life and God’s plan doesn’t come easy. Distractions, interruptions and inconveniences will happen. Keeping our mind focused on God, our hearts in tune with Him and His word will help us to push through. As focusing on God becomes a part of our lives so will perseverance. What’s Next is what God has planned. And just know His plan is always, good, great, amazing, better and more than we could ever imagine. The grass is definitely greener on the other side and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

So, What’s Next? Follow what God has put in your heart and He will show you. 

Stay Encouraged! 


JB ❤️

SELF LOVE SUNDAY: Rest, Refresh & Renew!


Rest, Sleep and Mind Breaks are rare for many people.  Adulting, Parenting and Having A Career doesn’t leave us with much time to Rest, Refresh and Renew. We have to find a balance in order to continue being our best selves for ourselves and everyone else in our lives. Time is something we have to work with because we cannot control it. But we can control how we spend our time and how we can appropriately allocate our time to what is most important. 

God desires for us to live our lives meaningfully. How meaningful will it be to have run our bodies and minds down doing things for others and not taking care of ourselves? We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and in order to live out the life He has planned for us we must make our physical health, mental health and spirituality a priority. 

God works in excellence! Everything He does and provides is always over and beyond what we can imagine. He created us the same way but it is up to us to put measures in place to balance our lives in a way that works for the good of our overall health. Sometimes we need to Rest, Refresh and Renew!  Sleep more than 8 hours on your off days, try to get at least 7 hours of sleep during the work week. Do something you enjoy like going out to dinner and having meaningful conversations with a friend. Read God’s word daily and add in an inspiring book for mental and spiritual encouragement. 

These are only a few ways to add Rest, Renewing and Refreshing into your daily routine. It’s not easy but the benefits are definitely worth it! In order to be our best we have to invest in ourselves in the best way! Never Forget, God Got Us! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

Show Yourself Some Love Today So You Are Well Equipped To Love Others! 

Stay Encouraged! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



While living out the journey for our lives it is easy to get distracted or slightly off path. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in life events that can leave us feeling not like our normal selves. Getting Back To You requires attention, time and reflection in order to Get Back To Feeling Ourselves. 

This year I made a promise to myself to focus more on what I want, spend time doing more of what I enjoy and saying “Nah I’m good” to anything that doesn’t fit in the previously mentioned categories. I also decided to make some changes in my life with regards to my health and financial wealth. God has put me in such a wonderful position that I finally can see the goals I have for myself which are most important at this present time. Everything else after God first then me can wait. 

It took me not feeling like myself and going through different situations to realize I wasn’t happy because I was drained, tired, overwhelmed and exhausted physically and emotionally. Staying close to God, praying and keeping His word at the forefront of my life encouraged me to focus on what He has for me to do. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about others but it means I recognize that this journey is between me and God, with God as my priority and taking the best care of myself as a priority as well. 

How can we do what God has for us to do if we are unhappy and exhausted? How can we live out the life God has for us if we don’t love ourselves enough to take the best care of ourselves so that we can be our best selves to others? How can we fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives if we are constantly distracted? One answer, we just can’t. It would not work at all. 

The best part about living for God is that we are never living out our journeys alone. God is always with us to help us, lead us, guide us, comfort and encourage us every step of the way. God will always do His part and we also have to do ours. Not feeling like ourselves isn’t fun but God will always lead us back and position us to be right where He planned from the start.

In All Things Never Forget God Got Us! ❤️

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



Being nice, sweet and walking in love is not always the easiest thing to do but it is how God created me to be. I know that every time I say a kind word, offer phrases of encouragement and give from my heart I know God will give it all back to me in enormous and unthought of ways throughout the entirety of my life. God’s word says we will all reap what we sow. It doesn’t always mean getting back everything you give in the way you gave it, but whether the things we choose to sow are good or bad we will reap in a larger magnitude than what we have sowed. Isn’t it amazing that we get to choose how we are to others? We get to choose to walk in love or walk in as the younger generation likes to say the same energy or energy matching. We get to choose to show others the truth of God’s love and be an example or hurt others who hurt us thinking that it will make us feel any better from the hurt we have received. We get to choose what our lives will be by the choices we make. We also get to choose an amazing and significant Lord and Savior or choose to bear life and all it comes with on our own. Today and every day you get a choice of what your life will be like and how you will act when situations that happen around you are out of your control. You get to choose who you are in this world and what you will or will not contribute to it. 

God has given us the power to choose our life paths. He has a life that He created and planned from beginning to end for each of us. But we have to choose it, He will not force us to live with His guidance He has only offered it. But we have to choose Him if we want the best life. Or we can always do things our own way, left to our own devices and battle it out alone. But who would choose that? I’m so grateful for God’s place in my life and because of Him I am the woman I am today. I choose love and to be loving because of God. I will never do anything to put the life He has planned for me at risk. I’ll always trust and believe in Him, even when things get hard, and seem gloomy. I know He is always there and will never leave me at any time for anything. I live with full assurance that God has my back and will always lead me in the direction which He has already planned for me. He can and will do the same thing for you! When the world around us seems so unsure I am sure that God Got Us! ❤️

Always And Forever! 




Investing in yourself is a major key to staying healthy. In every area including physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally it is important to reach the best level of health. Some people may think that being healthy is all about looks, how much you workout and how much you weigh but in reality being healthy is an overall effort in investing time to take the best care of yourself so that you can live the best life that God has for you! Health is Wealth! 

Taking the time to make sure you are sleeping enough, have a balanced diet, are active and are pouring good and positivity into your spirit can be a great way to ensure you achieve healthiness. Properly managing stress levels and creating boundaries in your life that will help you to be at peace and promote true happiness. Including God in every area by asking for His help, not trying to take on the difficulties of life alone. All of these aspects will get you to the best level of Health! 

Always take the time to care for yourself, no matter what roles in life you have to fill. If you’re a parent, you cannot take care of your children properly without first caring for yourself. In your career you will never do your best work without first taking care of yourself. In your spiritual life, you will never be at peace and victorious until you tap into God’s spirit within you by taking care of yourself. One area affects another and as a whole come together to create the adventure that is your life! 

Be mindful of those who would rather be put first before yourself. Be mindful of those who say they love you but bring tumultuous events into your life. In everything talk to God and allow Him to lead and guide you on loving and caring for yourself first and then you can be all He created you to be for others! Health is True Wealth! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



Knowing who we are and who’s we are is important. Confidence comes from God telling us we are His uniquely and wonderfully made creation. Knowing we have a purpose on this earth and that we are already a part of God’s family shows us who we are and what our Worth is! 

Our Worth doesn’t come from others thoughts or feelings about us. It doesn’t come from how beautiful someone thinks we are or if we are “good enough”. It is never okay to live a life based on others thoughts and opinions or to live a lifestyle pleasing to people. It is important that we know what God thinks about us, what His word says about us is what we should allow to fuel us into knowing we are Worth It! 

God sent His only son Jesus to die for us so that we would be considered free from sin all because He loves us! That’s the biggest love gesture that has been done for me and you! God cares about what we care about even when it seems small, He loves to see us smile and delights in our joy. God promises if we follow Him He will always protect us and will give us the desires of our hearts! He will protect us from all evil Shall I name more? If we weren’t Worth anything why would God do all those things for us? If God was willing to do all these things and much much more for us how can we think so little of ourselves? We are true royalty, already a part of God’s family and His plan is to bless us over and over again so that we can in turn bless others and be an example of what it is like to live for God! 

So the next time you are feeling less than or someone tries to treat you that way, let them know without a doubt you are somebody and you are Worth All God Says That You Are! Don’t allow self doubt and negative self talk to get you in a place where you are feeling worthless because you are a child of God and well Worth all He has planned for you!! 

Go On And Enjoy Your Day And Week Knowing Your True Worth! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️



Staying Mindful is a great way to contribute to loving ourselves. Staying Mindful about circumstances, people, surroundings and choices can sometimes leave us feeling anxious, uneasy or just out of sorts. We can not only trust God to deliver us from evil and rescue us in times of trouble but to also calm our thoughts and give us rest by staying Mindful of Him and His word. 

Today I will share something I read while I was feeling overwhelmed. 

 The ocean is one of the few places on earth where our soul seems to whisper: “Just breathe. God is bigger than every worry. God is greater than any fear. God is closer than the breath I’m taking.” He knows us. He knows our deepest struggles and understands our weaknesses. He knows what causes our anxious thoughts and how tempting it is for us to dwell on them to the point of consuming our minds and crowding out the truth.

When we ask Him to search our hearts, we invite Him to change us in the best possible ways. We throw open the doors to every part of us to let His light expose things we’ve swept into corners, maybe because we haven’t been ready, or willing, to face them. 

When God searches us and reveals areas of our lives that need His strength and our surrender, it leads to spiritual growth spurts. And every bit of that growth gets us closer to who we truly are, the purpose we’re truly made for, and the reflection of Jesus we truly want to be.

When God is showing us how to build our spiritual muscles, it’s a process that teaches us the discipline of complete trust and perfect rest.

The rewards we enjoy are fewer sleepless nights, less stressful days, and a lot more hope to carry us through even when the going does get tough.

Trust is the spiritual muscle that needs a daily workout if we want to get the rest our minds and bodies yearn for. If we want the kind of relaxation that refreshes us on every level, we have to believe that whatever the day brings God has already seen and He’s given us a promise to quiet the anxious thoughts and a truth to strengthen every part of our hearts.

Prayer: Father, You See Me As I Am And Love Me More Than I Understand. I Trust You To Show Me How To Grow Beyond My Anxious Thoughts And Into Your Perfect Rest. Teach Me To Trust You More Than I Ever Have Before.

This passage is from The Beach Is Calling 90 Devotions For Rest And Relaxation By

Stay Encouraged! God Got Us! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



Sometimes it is easy to forget that where we are right now is not the end. There are more experiences to be experienced, more things to learn, more people to encourage and more that God has for us to do. As we approach the end of the year this is a great time to reflect, be grateful for where we are and recognize the Glimmer of Light at the end of the tunnel. 

Even when things are going great there always seems to be a small distraction trying to blur our focus. When there are so many things to do, wants, hopes and dreams trying to be pursued it can be easy to stretch ourselves thin. The things God has put on our hearts to pursue should remain priority. For example, I love to travel. I haven’t been on a trip since 2019 so I am really wanting to plan something for next year. But when I go to gather the details to begin to plan a trip it just doesn’t seem like this is the right time. So I wind up leaving those thoughts because traveling is not a priority right now. It’s something I desire but it will all fall into place when it is time. 

It’s okay to think about other things than what is your priority but to dwell on distractions is just down right distracting! Accomplishing what God has for you to do, moving forward, while keeping yourself together and cared for is the most important. Things may not be ideal today but remember the Glimmer of Light! Difficult situations will pass and God has more for you to do! 

I try my best to practice living in the present moment but I think about the future a lot. I try not to get too far ahead in the future because I know only God knows the future. I think about how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned which helps me to deal with whatever present moment I am in. Hard moments don’t last and God has a solution to every problem. I remind myself to continue to trust God and I will clearly see that Glimmer of Light every time! 

I said all that to say no matter what has happened and what will happen, know that there is always A Glimmer of Light! Don’t allow yourself to believe that difficult situations are hopeless or will last forever. God has our back in everything and He is always there shining the Glimmer of Light for us to see, leading us to the best life He created just for us! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



Self Care has become more of an important topic in people’s lives and an issue when trying to find a peaceful balance. This can include time alone, doing an activity you love or making time for hobbies. The key aspect of Self Care is to do it often and not sporadically while including God. 

Sometimes I find myself wondering how could I live this life without God? I really cannot see how I could. Not only is God there doing the ups and downs of life but also when somehow I wake and find my life upside down. ? I have gotten really busy, had some great news moments as well as devastating news moments. How can I deal with all of these things at once? How can I feel happy about one area of my life, sad about some bad news and angry at another area? What am I supposed to do with these emotions? Where do I go from here? These questions are all answered in different ways through my relationship with God. 

Going to God’s word is a staple for me. His word is written in my heart and I make sure to fill myself with the word in my weekly routine. Events can occur that cause emotions to be at an all time high and even during the times we do not feel so hot we still have to attend to our Self Care! It is up to us to take action, let go of the things we cannot control and make time to deal with how we are feeling in a healthy way. This can be through listening ears from close family and friends to taking a day to do something that brings us joy. Whatever we choose, remember that God is in the details and this too shall pass! 

I have been reminded several times this week of how life can all of sudden have you on your toes with emotions running rampant. But I made a decision to choose me, think good thoughts about myself as God does and remember who He created me to be. Resilient! God created me to be Resilient! To be encouraged when everything around me is telling me that I should be down and out. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to stay on the path God has already gone forward on before us. Nothing is worth lowering our standards for and nothing will stop us when God is on our side! 

So when we find ourselves playing the hand life has dealt, remember God Got Us! ?

Stay Encouraged! 

Happy Sunday!

With Love,

JB ❤️



One of the best things we can do to show Self Love is to have Faith in God, ourselves and in the plan He has for our lives. As a human it is easy for our first reaction to be negative when things don’t go our way, doesn’t happen how we want it to happen or at the time we would have liked it to happen. It is important to maintain Faith in God that all things are possible and will occur in His timing just the way He has planned for us. 

It is easy to become impatient and frustrated with situations and people. God has promised us that for every situation that arises He has a solution. Even when evil looks as if it has prevailed, God has something greater in-store. If we can only bring ourselves to trust in God’s word and accept the plan He has for our lives we can Sustain ourselves Through Faith! 

To be honest the past 2 years have not been a walk in the park for me. But with every obstacle God has a plan, with every disappointment God has helped me to heal and move forward. I’ve learned so much more about myself as well as the woman God created me to be. I can reflect and see how I have changed for the better from year to year. I know for a fact that it is God’s plan for my life that has made my Faith indestructible! I never worry about things I can’t control, I don’t allow negativity to consume me and I always know God is standing right beside me every step of the way so that I am never alone. He is my source of all things and I am consistently Sustained Through Faith in Him!  

I wasn’t always this confident and bold when living life. Through my relationship with God He has created the woman writing this blog. I can’t take the credit for how I’ve changed but I can take the credit for making the decision of accepting God into my life and heart, accepting His plan for my life and allowing Him to lead me into greatness. I’ve never said this lifestyle is easy but God has never failed me! I know that He won’t fail you either! 

Accepting God’s plan means throwing away your plan to be married, have kids and be a millionaire by 30. That’s right, things may not go the way you planned them to but God’s plan is greater than yours and has the best roadmap. You will be able to bypass traffic jams and begin living the life that is unique to you. We all have choices to make for our lives. We can continue to live in chaos with no direction or we can simply go to God and ask Him to order our steps and choose to keep His covenant. 

I choose to be Sustained Through Faith and continue to live out my spiritual journey with God at the forefront! I have everything I have ever desired and more! I hope you are encouraged to do what is best for you! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



  • How do you feel about yourself?

Being aware of your feelings about yourself is a great thing and shows you what direction you may need to go in order to make sure your Outlook about yourself is Positive! God thinks great thoughts about us! Negative self talk and negative feelings about yourself need to be corrected to God’s view of you! 

  • Does your lifestyle align with your purpose? 

Sometimes the purpose for our lives may not always be clear to us but it is important to find out what God has for you to do. God has a plan for all of our lives and if your lifestyle choices do not align with God’s word then there may be some improvement needed in order to truly live out your life’s purpose. 

  • What do you believe?

Do you believe God’s word from your own view and experiences or from others? God’s word is simple but not always understood without a connection with Him. It is important to know God’s word for yourself and to have His word in your heart. 

  • In what ways do you cope with life’s difficulties and challenges? 

God never promised us a life without trouble but He did promise He would always be there with us every step of the way helping us through every difficulty and obstacle that life can and will bring. Depending on Him through it all will allow us to continue moving forward in the best way possible while letting go of things that weigh us down. 

These questions aren’t a blueprint but can help us to evaluate our lives, reflect on our past and take the positive things that have helped us to move forward. No one person is perfect and we all have made decisions that have shaped our lives. God is always here for us no matter what our past or present looks like. It’s a simple but important decision to include God in our lives and accept the plan He has for each and every one of us! When we choose Him we won’t be left behind.

Never Forget, God Got Us! 

With Love, 




Our minds retain so much when it comes to our memories of impactful experiences. There is a mix of both good and bad memories that we can pull from when we reflect on the progression or lack thereof within our lives. In order to keep our minds fresh and peaceful it is important to be Positively Reflective! 

When we remember not only how far we have come but how far God has brought us our hearts can’t help but to be filled with gratefulness. None of us are exempt from falling short or making detrimental life choices that could affect our lives for the long haul. God’s involvement, prayers said for us as well as life lessons learned has helped us to grow and live with a higher quality of life than we have previously. 

This is not to say that bad memories and/or experiences won’t pop up every now and then. It is up to us to retrain our brains to remember those positive influences and experiences that have got us to the place we are now. It is very common for people to mention their childhood trauma when talking about their present lives. Talking constantly about your bad experiences and reliving them doesn’t lead to healing. But forgiving those that may have been involved in that bad experience, accepting the situation for what it was and knowing you are empowered to let go and move forward will definitely lead to healing and sometimes forgetting about that not so great memory. 

I struggle with this sometimes myself. I find that when a bad experience is fresh or something happens to bring it back up like a text or a conversation. I can easily feel all of the feelings I felt during that experience. But the more I focus on forgiveness and moving forward the better I feel. I can then move that memory almost out of reach and bring my positive memories forward in my mind and heart. This and asking God to help me provides total healing and empties all heaviness. 

Let’s do ourselves a favor when looking back on our lives by being Positively Reflective! Those memories that make you laugh, that gives you motivation, that makes you feel loved and that helps you to move forward in life, think on those! Thank God for all He has done and how He has been involved with your life! How far has He brought us? Always remember we have a part to do in our lives as well. All isn’t up to God, All is Up to us and how we include God in our lives! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,




There are always opportunities for Improvement throughout our life’s journey. No one person is made of pure perfection and it is important to identify those meaningful opportunities to Improve ourselves. Some of us have families, some of us have careers, some of us have both and finding the time to work on oneself can seem out of range. But in order to progress in life at its various stages we must make time for Self Improvement. 

I can say for myself that I know the things I would like to improve about me. I have taken the time to make each area I can improve in a goal. Each goal does not have a specified date but a timeframe that I would like to reach the goal within.  This doesn’t mean that if I don’t complete my goal within this timeframe I am a failure, it only means I have to continue to work towards my goals until I have achieved them. 

Self Improvement takes effort and work. Time must be put in in order to improve ourselves. A dramatic and shocking change is not necessary and changes can be made in small doses. While working on your personal Self Improvement keep in mind the reasons you are making the change. If it’s because someone made an offensive comment or if the change is for someone else it will be hard to stick to working towards your Self Improvement goal. Make sure you are Improving your life for you and for the right reasons. 

God sees us as great, wonderful and capable beings. He loves us through everything and encourages us to be who He has created us to be. When deciding what Improvements you would like to make about yourself, include God. He will help you to decide what Improvements are beneficial and best for your life and those lives you are included in. 

Keep yourself encouraged through God’s word. Every time negative thoughts about yourself come up you can go to the word and see what God says about you. This will help you to stay on the right track and reach your Self Improvement goals for the right reasons. We are examples on the earth. Living for God shows others the truth of how God’s word works in our lives. Always approach Self Improvement with honesty, humility and faith. 

I wish you well in your Self Improvement goals and journey! 

Never Forget God Got Us! 


With Love,

JB ❤️



As we enter into different stages of our lives it is imperative to discover what is not positive additions, situations and life choices. Some situations that bring negative experiences into our lives we do not ask for or create and others we are clearly involved and have played a part. A favor we can do for ourselves is to do our best not to repeat negative experiences. In order to rid our lives of any toxicity we should use wisdom and discernment to ensure we are Living Drama Free! 

The people we surround ourselves with, their behaviors and the types of people they are matters! Friends, Family and Associates alike, anyone we allow and include in our lives are responsible for their actions. Let’s not forget about ourselves in this we are responsible for what and who we allow in our lives as well as the decisions we make. Most people who have lives filled with Drama play a major part in allowing that Drama to continue. Even if you feel that the drama in your life began innocently you have to hold yourself accountable for the choices you make as well as those who surround you. 

Living a Drama Free life takes work. Work on ourselves, work with our relationship with God and work to learn and grow for the better. It is important to realize the big picture and live a life that is pleasing to God. When I say a life that is pleasing to God that does not mean a life that is unpleasant to you. This means the best life that God has chosen for us. Perform a Self Check daily to ensure who you are lines up with who God created you to be. If you are an insecure person, Check Yourself. If you have to make insensitive comments about others to make yourself feel better, Check Yourself. If you are passive aggressive instead of being open and honest, Check Yourself. If you are consistently living a life filled with sinful choices, Check Yourself. 

It is not okay to live a life filled with Drama or to go around causing Drama in others lives. You don’t have to answer to me or anyone you may have caused Drama for but you will have to answer to God. The best thing we can do to continue to Love ourselves and stay connected with God is to rid our lives of Drama. When I feel like seeing something Drama filled, I turn on my TV and watch scripted Drama which I can turn off when I have had enough. Be honest with yourself about your life, your actions and how you treat others all the time. God will not stop us from reaping any consequences of the choices we have made! 

If you expect great things, do great things, be great and hold yourself and others accountable for the choices made. Pray for each other, forgive often and move forward always. Allow God to lead and guide you to those who will be a forever Friend, Family or Associate to you without any Drama at all! 

Never Forget God Got Us! ❤️

With Love,

JB ❤️



Have you ever felt the need to be validated? This can be from family, friends or even people on social media platforms. We desire to interact with others when it comes to making a choice or just to hear what someone else thinks but it is important to know whose Validation is the only Validation you will ever need and that’s God’s! 

It is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of others’ thoughts and opinions about the choices we make for our lives. Everyone will not understand your story and that’s ok. As long as your lifestyle lines up with God’s word and His plan for your life which He will only reveal to you that should be more than enough Validation! 

In my experience I have been told some very negative things as well as asked questions from those who assume they know me. This includes family members as well as friends. 6 years ago I made a permanent move from Louisiana to Texas. This came to me as an instruction from God. Everybody thought I was nuts! They wondered and boldly asked, “Why are you doing that?, What in the world would make you move to Texas?” I responded with, “This is what God told me to do.” You should have seen the distraught look on their faces! Lol. Of course, I didn’t let any of the negativity steer me differently.

 I will be receiving and completing my 2nd Master’s degree in a couple of months. I was told by a family member that my 1st Master’s degree was a waste of time and money and inquiring minds want to know why would I go for a 3rd degree? But at the end of the day it is not for them to understand. God is my source and my Validation! I don’t need anything from anyone else. 

Sometimes our accomplishments and life choices can inspire others and sometimes it can bring out the worst in others. But that is not our problem to deal with. Insecurities and negativity comes from within. People who are dissatisfied with their lives and haven’t dealt with their insecurities can project that onto others. I am here to tell you to brush it off. Do not absorb negativity and pray for those who are passive aggressive and cannot be supportive to others out of love. 

Never let what anyone thinks stop you from moving forward and reaching your goals! Never let what you see on social media platforms be viewed as 100% authentic! With God we will be able to see the truth. God will always be there for us, by our side, rooting for us and leading us to all that He has for us to receive and do! He will also place those positive and supportive people in our lives! True Validation comes from God! God Got Us! ❤️

Happy Sunday! 

With Love, 




One quality that truly shows how we love ourselves includes being Open and Honest. This includes those situations that are difficult to talk about or even face. We shouldn’t overlook things that are important to us and we should be Honest with ourselves about everything so we can in turn be Honest with others. 

I have personally struggled with being Open about my life and sharing things with others. I have oftentimes overlooked so many things I should have faced and discussed head on. But instead of doing that I thought if I didn’t say anything the difficult topic would go away. Well, as I have learned throughout my life experiences it is okay to stand up for myself and to say “That’s not okay”, or “I feel this way”. Even if someone may try to dismiss my feelings or get upset because I stood up for myself.  I know that how I feel is valid and that validity is truth and Honesty. 

 It is important to be Open and Honest in all situations and in every area of life. I refuse to get lost in what other people create to make themselves feel justified in their life choices. It is also important to be Open to listening to those you care about to improve and grow relationships. No one sided relationship will ever improve or grow into anything and there is never a good reason to be dishonest with anyone this includes ourselves about anything. 

God has created us to tell and live in truth. He is delighted when we share the truth and love with others. Forgive often to continue to have an Open heart and search your spirit for issues that haven’t been addressed. Seek God on how to move forward and address matters of the heart in the best way possible. When we do this we reach the highest level of self improvement which in return gives us more Self Love! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️



It is easy to take Time for granted. When we are young we think we have all the Time in the world to reach our goals and be successful in life. Our choices can oftentimes show how we use the Time we have. It is important to remember that the Time is now and we have to take advantage of it. 

Everything we strive to be and do will not happen overnight but with God’s guidance we can achieve all we desire. Now is the Time to do good, be positive and make unforgettable positive memories. Don’t get caught up in the thought that there is so much Time to procrastinate, push things and people to the back burner, make mistakes, make excuses, and make ideas come to life later. Now is the Time to live life with wisdom, direction and compassion. 

God wants us to live our best lives and in order to do that we have to heed His direction. The main way we honor God is with how we choose to live our lives, the decisions we make and how we treat others. With God mistakes made will be minimal and growth will be inevitable. It is important to recognize what God wants for us versus what we want for ourselves. When God’s plan becomes our plan Time will be seen as precious and every moment will count! Be sure to Take Advantage of Time, it’s a true gift from God! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

With Love,




Humbleness- reflecting, expressing, or offering in a spirit of deference or submission a humble apology.

This definition of Humbleness I found on Google which included 2 other definitions. I chose the definition that identifies with what I believe but what does being Humble mean to you? How do you invite Humbleness into your life? 

To me being Humble means knowing when and who to ask for help because we can’t deal with all that life brings alone. Being able to recognize when you made a mistake, learning from that mistake and choosing to do better next time. Being able to allow yourself to blossom and make changes that help you to grow in life. To me that is Humbleness. 

Some people do not come to a level of humility and continue to learn things the hard way. God knows that in order for us to fulfill the purpose He has created it is important to be teachable and obedient. Humbling ourselves before God so that He can teach us and guide us through our faith journey will help us to receive all that God has for us as well as give what God calls us to share. 

Having a Humble spirit allows our hearts to be open and compassionate to ourselves and  others. This way we can treat others the way we would like to be treated, help others and encourage others as well as ourselves throughout every circumstance in life. God’s plan works through us! That’s right through people, we are called to play a critical role in each other’s lives. The world does not revolve around you and you are not the only one in it! Trust God to lead and guide you to the people that are supposed to be in your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime! (I got that from Iyanla) ?

God Got Us Always! Be Good To Yourself And Others Always! Be Who God Created You To Be! Not Who You Created Yourself To Be! There is A Difference! 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️



Sometimes it is hard to tell who is genuinely being themselves and who is not. There is so much out there in the world that tells us how we should or could be. Maybe we should look differently to fit in with the crowd or maybe we should do things that others are doing but I totally disagree with that. The majority of my life I have found it so freeing to find the uniqueness within myself to do what the crowd is not doing, go my own my and be AUTHENTICALLY ME!

Be mindful of what your eyes see and your ears hear. Outside influences can reflect through your life choices. In order to bring out the most genuine characteristics and personality traits that God tailored to each of us we have to tap in to who God created us to be and that will only come from God. God shows us through His word who we are and what great things He has for us. Anything outside of God’s word is not us, was not created for us and is not who we are. This is an easy way to filter out negative influences within our lives.

Take the time today and everyday to be exactly who you are AUTHENTICALLY YOU! If you are not the same as others that is a great sign of uniqueness, genuine ways and authenticity! Shine your light, live freely and show others who God has created you to be!

With Love,




It can be hard to make time for yourself with so many things to do and places to be, tasks to complete and people to see. It can be difficult to fit in the busy schedule of life time for yourself as well as the moment to realize we need to Take The Pressure Off! 

It is so easy to put that extra pressure on ourselves to be the best and get things done within a certain timeframe. We can also put pressure on ourselves to be there for others in the way we would want them to be there for us but sometimes you have to consider another way of doing things under absolutely no pressure. 

I struggle with this myself sometimes because I am a perfectionist. I am a double checker and somewhat of an overachiever. Everything I do, I do it knowing I will do my absolute best. But in order for me to feel confident about these things I unknowingly put extra pressure on myself to get things done. I tell myself I have to do it on this day and at this time as well as this particular way. But as we know life never works out exactly how we have planned. I found myself becoming burnt out from work, school and life in general.

When I am burnt out I am not myself. I am cranky, easily aggravated and not functioning at my top level. I promised myself I would Take The Pressure Off! I know who I am, who God created me to be and what I am capable of. It is unnecessary for me to continue to put pressure on myself knowing I will do all God has called me to do. I began to keep my focus during my weekly routine but instead of putting pressure on myself I have encouraged myself to keep going and do everything God has put on my heart. I am also in the middle of a weight loss journey and I find that when I encourage myself I am reaching the goals I have set.

Yes, we will always have things to do and places to go but remember to be in the moment. Instead of overwhelming yourself with tasks, enjoy the journey and do all God has called you to do without any pressure, because you were going to always be who God created you to be right? As long as you put in the effort and keep God first the pressure is not needed. Relax and enjoy living life for God! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️



When you truly love yourself you are capable of loving others. Loving others doesn’t mean forgetting about yourself or leaving Self Care at the bottom of your to-do list but it means being thoughtful and respectful of others by being Selfless and Compassionate. 

Thinking of others and feeling empathy for others shouldn’t be a chore or a task. This is something that should come naturally to us. When we are in difficult or challenging situations we automatically look for someone that can relate to what we are going through and expect others to understand as well as have empathy for us. So if this is something that is expected we should be willing to give it freely by being Selfless and Compassionate to others. 

God freely gives us love, grace, compassion and selflessness by choosing us in the hopes that we will come to Him and choose Him. It is important to be an example by making decisions and walking in actions that bring pleasure to God. Although, this world has desensitized us to so many things doing a Self Check by imagining yourself in the other person’s shoes will bring clarity on how we should treat others in the same way we would like to be treated. And that in itself brings great pleasure to God and sows great seeds for great rewards! 

So the next time you are in the company of others, be Selfless, Compassionate and Loving. You may never know what a great blessing you can be to someone and what great reward will come because of your choice to encourage someone else. 

I hope you have a great week ahead! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

With Love, 


SELF LOVE SUNDAY: Cool, Calm & Collected!


As time flies and the weeks pass many things and experiences have happened. One week can be smooth as butter and the next week can be filled with hectic chaos as I find myself going and going. There is always more to do, a task to complete, an errand to run, a priority assignment at work and class assignments to complete. 

Through all of these happenings and things I am challenged with doing I have to remember why I am doing these things. My movements and choices in life are intentional. All of what I am doing is working towards a goal. Whether it is something I am working on within myself or to reach a desire God has put on my heart. Everything is for something. During these times I have to stay Cool, Calm and Collected. 

When I am not Calm my body feels it. Stress and anxiety begin to build up, my heart may start racing and I begin to sweat. This does not feel good. I have to keep my mind Calm and Cool. I cannot allow outside things to cause me to feel stressed on the inside. I am the master of my emotions and I will not and do not allow miniscule things to make me upset. This is something I tell myself but sometimes I have to do a check. When I do, I ask these questions: Am I hungry? Did I get enough sleep? Why should I allow this situation/person to get me upset? Is this worth me causing my body stress? Does it pay my bills? 

Most of the time the answers to those questions are not difficult for me to answer. If I am hungry or tired I will get myself a snack, take a power nap and then decide if I am ok. In most cases I am more than ok because I know God has equipped me to respond appropriately and to love myself the way He loves me, meaning I take care of myself and do not allow negativity to ruin my positive vibe. 

All situations are different and there is opposition in everything we may decide to do. Nothing good comes without a challenge of some sort. So remind yourself to stay Cool, Keep Calm and be Collected as life throws you curveballs. God is there and has a resolution for every problem and will give us peace so we can continue to do and receive all He has for us! Never Forget God Got Us! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

SELF LOVE SUNDAY: Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes


Loving yourself includes surrounding yourself with Positive people. Positivity and Positive Vibes come from those who live their lives in a Positive way. It is important to have a great exchange through experiences and spending time with those who uplift and encourage you. 

These experiences can pour into your spirit in a way that fuels what God has already put into you to do. I always try my best to encourage those in my life and I feel blessed when those same people take the time to encourage me. If you are surrounded by Positivity, then this will become normal to have a positive exchange with those you encounter throughout your faith journey. 

Just recently I went to support and spend time with a friend. I attended an event and then she invited me to hang out with her family. We all enjoyed each other’s company, interacted with each other and had a really fun time. I felt like wow, it’s been a long time since I have been surrounded with that many Positive people at the same time. This reminded me of some changes I need to continue to work on in my life. 

People who are toxic, negative and opposed to the Positivity in your life have to be distanced. It really doesn’t matter who they are, family, childhood friends, co-workers, whoever. I cannot afford to be distracted, used by the devil or just surrounded by people who are not happy with their lives and are ready to take it out on those undeserving of their wrath. Stay away from these types of people. It is important to still love and pray for toxic and negative people just with a great distance in place. 

By doing this we can continue to stay focused on the plan and purpose God has for us without sacrificing our happiness and faith journey by being regularly exposed to and affected by negativity. God always wants us to move in a forward motion. Obstacles will be overcome and life will go on just the way God intended it to be. Never Forget, God Got Us! 

With Love, 



Self Love is the act of loving yourself so that you can have more than enough love to share with others. My dad is a great example of that. So today I dedicate this blog post to him H. B Sr. 

You are a giver that has a hard time receiving because you're always thinking of others especially your children. 

You are a hard worker because you know and have taught me that a little effort and doing things with integrity and a purpose goes a long way. 

You are a warrior because no matter how many difficulties arise you tell me how important it is to keep pushing and move forward. 

You are an example of what it really is to be loved because you do it with your whole heart and have received the love of God. 

You are trustworthy because the words you say and your actions are perfectly aligned. 

You are truthful because you know that the truth may not be pretty but that knowledge is power. 

You are a success because you have taught your children everything your father and mother taught you so that we can listen, learn and be the best. 

You are simply my dad because you are there for me no matter what. Encouraging me, supporting me and loving me as your daughter. 

My future husband has a great example to follow because you made sure I knew I was worth what I deserve and desire. 

Love You Dad! 
Happy Father's Day! ?❤️ 

With Love,

JB ❤️



There are many times that we as adults and people get busy. Our focus can easily become what to do next. It is important for us to slow down, be content and celebrate where we are and how far we have come. 

I struggle with that myself sometimes. I may not realize all that I have accomplished until someone else points it out. I appreciate those that recognize me and all I have accomplished but I should be the one celebrating me. 

God has given us all gifts and talents. We mean something to ourselves so that we can mean something to others. What others think of you, whether good or bad, is not the measurement of your life you should always accept. But how you see yourself, all that you’ve done and all that God has for you to do is what matters the most. If your thoughts of yourself are negative, remember you can change that. What God thinks of us is only good so this is the way we should see and think of ourselves. 

I encourage you today to stop and take a moment to think of how far you’ve come, everything you’ve accomplished and all that you’ve overcome. Remember God has only made one of you, unique to His plan and purpose, you deserve to be celebrated. Celebrate You! *Clapping For You And Me*

With Love,

JB ❤️


One very important characteristic in life is knowing how to Rise Above It All! Rising Above is encouraging yourself to continue to be who God created you to be, no matter what. Negative situations and negative experiences can and will happen but there is always at least one positive thing to takeaway or learn from the situation or experience. 

Motivation and encouragement goes hand in hand. Keeping your spirit filled with God's word will give you the strength and wisdom needed to overcome and Rise Above It All! True self love includes feeding your spirit good things. What you allow into your spirit by reading books and online, as well as what you are watching can have a massive impact on your feelings, thoughts and actions. Being aware and mindful of how outside sources are affecting you can help you to have a better life balance. 

It is my personal goal to have a healthy balance in life. This includes my career and my relationships. Who and what you surround yourself with is a big part of a healthy balance. Experiences have definitely caused me to stop and think, Is it really healthy for me to be around this person or these types of people? How has this experience affected me? Is it really worth my faith journey to react to someone's reaction? I know that God holds me to a higher standard and He is included in all of my life decisions. 

By including Him I can feel confident about the choices I make even when I have been mistreated. I know God has my back in everything, so if God is for me, who can be against me? The answer to that question is anyone who is available to be used by the devil! But will I allow anyone and or the devil to affect how I live? The answer to that question is absolutely NOT.  Every battle is not our battle to fight. But God can use you to be an example of what living for God truly is. So I will Rise Above It All! 

In order for you and me to fulfill the purpose God has for our lives we have to stay motivated to continue to Rise Above It All! All situations, All problems and All difficulties! God has made us for more! And Never Forget God Got Us!

Psalm 52:8 & 9
" But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust confidently in the loving kindness of God forever and ever. I will thank You forever, because You have done it. You have rescued me and kept me safe. I will wait on Your name, for it is good, in the presence of Your godly ones." 

Happy Sunday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️
Self Love Sunday! Healthy Decisions: Being considerate of What You Need & Want!

Everyday we are constantly making decisions such as what to wear, what to eat and what to do? Some decisions do not require a lot of thought and we just go after what we feel is needed or wanted at the time. Other times we make decisions that involve others such as where would this person like to go or what would this person like to do? These as well as other decision making opportunities can come up and may require a little more thought in order to make a healthy decision. 

It is important when making decisions to not forget about yourself. What you want and need is just as important as what others want and expect from you. It's unfair to go around trying to please everyone and leaving yourself for last. If everyone around you is happy because you sacrificed what you truly wanted, was that really a healthy decision? In most cases the answer to that question is No. Loving yourself includes making decisions that make you happy. Sometimes this means inserting boundaries and telling others No or I don't want to or, Nah! I'm good! 

It's not an easy thing to do but it's necessary. This is your life and your journey and You Matter! Even if others think you should please them first and leave yourself for last. It's not healthy to always consider what others expect from you before thinking about what you want and need. This doesn't mean not being considerate of others at all and being self absorbed because we all have come across people like that.  Yes, please be considerate of others and treat them as you would want to be treated. But do not allow others to take advantage and walk all over you with their muddy boots and not even offer you a towel to wipe your face! 

God wants us to treat others well, with respect and consideration. But when we are mistreated, unappreciated and taken advantage of God has given us the strength and wisdom to put ourselves as a priority and make a decision that is healthy for our lives! God is not delighted when we don't take care of ourselves and allow others to mistreat us over and over again. This doesn't mean you get to take revenge against someone but you have a decision to make to show them God has created you for more! 

So the next time you are faced with a decision that requires a little thought, take a few minutes to be alone and figure out what you truly want and need. Do not rush the decision and feel confident about what you have made your mind up to be. If others are involved, communicate your decision to them and stand firm on what you have decided. Do not let others change your made up mind. As I previously mentioned it is always ok to be considerate of others but it is never ok to be inconsiderate of yourself. I hope you are encouraged today! 

Happy Self Love Sunday! 

With Love, 

JB ❤️

Self Love Sunday: Keeping A Positive Mind Frame!

Positivity is something that is chosen, a frame of mind, an attitude to be not only optimistic but to have faith that thinking good thoughts and looking forward to what's next with joy is a way of life. It is not easy to be positive in all situations. As we have experienced and will continue to learn, rough patches can present themselves. In order to get through the rough times it is important that we do not lose sight of the great things God has for us. 

Here are some things I do to keep my mind filled with Positivity. 

Be Patient. This is one of the most important lessons I've learned. In anything I set my mind and hands to do I have to be patient with myself and others. 

Fill Up On Positive Things. My guilty pleasure is reality shows but I am mindful about how much drama I watch. I read my Bible, devotionals and other books with positive messages. I also listen to music with positive messages as well. There is nothing wrong with listening and watching other things just be sure to keep it in moderation. Sometimes we don't realize how much these outside sources can affect us. This also goes for listening to people complaining and being involved in negative conversations. 

Don't Panic. When rough patches arise do not allow yourself to think it is the end of the world or the end of your journey. Bad things do happen. Sometimes from a mistake we have made or something that is totally out of our control. Always go to God in prayer. Talk with Him before you do anything drastic or make any rash decisions. God will always lead and guide us to what is right for us. 

Move Forward. It is important for us to always look toward the future. Rough times are temporary and will change as long as we stay in that Positive mind frame. Getting up each day, thanking God for where you are, how far He has brought you as well as the great things he has for your future are great practices. No one can change the past but everyone can make better decisions for the future. 

I hope these tips will be able to help and encourage you in continuing your journey of Self Love and your journey with God.

Happy Sunday! 

With Love, 
JB ❤️

Self Love Sunday: A Tribute To Women.


A Woman created by God is many things to those around her. Her purpose is wrapped in her lifestyle as she displays her many gifts and talents. Her nature is caring and uplifting. Her faith is strong and unwavering. Although she has had many life experiences that have caused hurt and pain she continues her journey sharing joy. 

She is confident because she knows that all her great qualities come from God. She is hopeful because God has a wonderful future planned for her. She is thankful for her family and friends. She is a helper, believer, supporter, and dream pursuer. She lives life focused on what God has for her to do and receive. 

She leads and acts with Love. She covers those she cares about in prayer. She is patient and kind with herself and others. She is highly respected and treasured. She is you and also she is me. 

Being a Mother is a great thing but being a Woman who allows God to lead and guide her so that she can fulfill her purpose is a greater thing. I am fully committed to being the woman God has created me to be. All of us may not be mothers but we should still be celebrated for all the roles we play, the different hats we wear and the relationships we continue to build and grow with others. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Even if  you don’t have a physical child you are still Muva of the Earth! 

From One Muva To Another With Love, 

JB ❤️

Self Love Sunday: Love=Action
"Let All That You Do Be Done In LOVE." 1 Corinthians 16:14


Have you ever told someone you loved them and then treated them unkind? Have someone ever told you they loved you but did not treat you as though they did? These types of situations may happen because we are imperfect people but being aware and making the effort to do things in Love makes all the difference. 

Love is an Action! Yes, we can feel love for someone or something but true Love is expressed through choices and actions. One major thing God did for us in Love was to send His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus did not want to be mistreated, suffer or die but it was His Love for God that helped Him to do God's will. God shows us that He Loves us, He doesn't just tell us. Everyday God wants to be a part of our lives and for us to follow the plan and purpose He has for us. Has anyone else ever made a miraculous plan for you? For you to be prosperous, healthy and live a fulfilling enjoyable life? Now that's Love! 

Just because God Loves us doesn't mean we won't experience hardship, trials and tribulations. But it does mean that God will be here with us, helping us through every situation and guiding us to making the right choices for ourselves and others in our lives. Now that you are aware, be sure to show your Love! Do things in Love! Show others that you Love them! Don't just say it! Do it! 

It is finally time to do what you told yourself and/or others you would in Love! No more procrastinating on that action that will show someone or yourself Love. This is the time to ensure your promises to yourself and the people you care about and display that you truly do care, show Love! It's time to get to it! Ain't nothing to it but to do it! Remember what you give, you will get back in abundance, so be sure you are doing things in Love! Actions not intentions! Now go and show the world what you are made of!! 

Happy Love Day! 

With Love,
JB ❤️

Self Love Sunday: Promote Positivity & Keep Your Peace


The surroundings of which you choose to be a part of can greatly influence your feelings, character and your mood. As you walk in your purpose you should always be mindful of not only what vibes you give off but also what you receive. Being in the company of others can be a great blessing and bring enjoyment. Those who bring negativity, actions of hurt, a lack of understanding and a will to be inconsiderate can cause a different experience. 

What is great about your surroundings is that you get to choose them. You can change and alter your surroundings throughout your life’s journey. You get to decide what and/or who you allow into your life and what and/or who gets to stay. The power of choice is a great gift God has given to us. Even though everything is uncontrollable, when it comes to staying Positive and keeping your mind and spirit at Peace you are empowered to do so. 

God delights in us when we are enjoying ourselves on our journey. He also feels our pain when we are hurt and He cares about the things we care about. Keeping yourself with a Positive mind and surrounding yourself with Positivity will most definitely allow you to keep and stay at Peace in your heart, mind and soul. 

No Matter what, who, where or why, God loves us and He wants us to be confident, feel good about ourselves, treat others as we desire to be treated and be in the company of others that add to our Peace and Positivity. Never Forget, God Got Us. 

Happy Sunday!

With Love, 

JB ❤️


Taking Care Of You, The Ultimate Self Love! 

Have you ever had those moments in life that pass you by because you are so busy with other things that may not particularly concern taking care of yourself? You have to make the deadlines at work, be the peace in a family crisis and leave all other things that you may desire to do for yourself behind. You told yourself you would make time for a short workout, a fun activity, go to bed at a decent time or just take the time to make sure your nails look presentable. Feelings of overwhelm may suddenly come upon you and you are forced to take a moment to Relax, Relate and Release. If you don’t you might just not make it through the next week. 

This is what the past 8 weeks of my life has been like, everything else I’ve put before myself. My job, my family, This BLOG (Shameless Plug) and the other people I care about but didn’t do anything for myself. I was reaching burnout and was super overwhelmed so I decided I would take a day off of work (Thank God for PTO) and use this weekend to Relax. Once I scheduled that time for myself I was able to get some rest, I mean really good rest and just relax without worrying what to do next. I also planned a fun activity for myself, something I know I will enjoy (Wine Tasting) to have an outing and what I like to call a date with myself. 

These types of small things become important when the other parts of our lives can be a lot to deal with. You only have one body that God fearfully and wonderfully made so it is your responsibility to take care of it! We honor God when we honor our bodies, minds and souls. It is important to fill your spirit with good and positive things and it is just as important to get your rest. Just like with anything, everything has its limits and so does your body. So pay attention, be mindful and do something kind and helpful for yourself today.  

The ultimate Self Love is when we pay attention, tend to ourselves and make sure while life can be hectic we are taking care of ourselves in the best way! Take the time, schedule it, write it down and act on it! Do you Baby! Do you! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

Bonus!!! Workout/Werkout In 30 Minutes Below! Stretch before and after, Do Each exercise for 1 minute or until your muscles are fatigued. And Don’t Forget To Date Yourself! 🙂 Happy Sunday!


Happy Sunday! 

Working to improve oneself is considered to be a life’s work. It is a process that begins with becoming familiar with the unique characteristics that make you, you. Some characteristics you may desire to enhance by making them stand out more and some you may have developed from being hurt or going through periods of pain that life can bring, but no longer serve the person you are working to be.  The importance of being aware of these characteristics is crucial in order to live freely and continue the journey God has set you upon. 

No one person is perfect. We are all sinners saved by the grace of God. So it is important to remind yourself that you are a work in progress. Do not be hard on yourself when making Self Improvement goals, the extra pressure is not necessary and won’t help you stay motivated while on this journey. Every small step is a progression worth celebrating. Small victories are just as important as large ones. 

While on this journey of life and Self Improvement always remember you are not alone. God delights in us when we depend on Him. He has all we need and more. God promised to never leave us or forsake us and we are made in His image so He understands and gets us. It is also great for us to band together as friends, family and a community to be there for each other when we can. Yes, everyone has their own lives and problems but it is a true joy and honor to be there for others and to encourage them on their journeys. When you give encouragement you will get encouraged! 

Improving yourself is loving yourself. Investing in yourself the time and effort it takes to become the best you is the highest level of loving yourself! Self Improvement Is Self Love! 

With Love,

JB ❤️


 How You Feeling? Feeling Good As Hell Or Nah? 

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday!

How You Feeling? 

“How are you?” Is a common phrase and question asked to those who may be familiar to you. I am from the south where those whom you are not so familiar with, seems polite to ask whether you actually care or not. This new year has brought some great things as well as great challenges. It is important to check in with yourself, How do you really feel? This question matters. It doesn’t have to matter to others but make sure it means something to you. 

So many things happening, so many situations to recover from, how can we ever just take the time to feel? Feel better, feel free, feel okay again. No hardship or accomplishment should be without support or celebration, but it is important to be able to check in with yourself, how you are feeling at a moment’s time and knowing why those feelings are valid when no one is around but you and God. 

God is the source, the current and future help that knows all and will help you on your journey of life. God will show you who you truly are and whom he has created you to be. He shows the truth and validity of Self Love and how to love ourselves no matter how we are feeling. So do yourself a favor on this Self Love Sunday, take the pressure off, relax and know that God is able to provide what you need. Peace, Healing and Love. God always has your back no matter what and never forget Got Got Us! ❤️

With Love,


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