Springtime: Time For A New!


Someone once told me that Springtime is a Time For A New! New opportunities, New paths, a New Start. It is also a time to continue to grow and blossom like all of the beautiful flowers that are displayed in the springtime. I like to look at life as a continuous journey that has ups and downs but never loses momentum. Sometimes we are presented with a fork in the road, options, choices and decisions that will shape our lives for the better or for worse depending on us. As an active participant in my life as well as the lives of others I know what I decide will determine my path and my future. 

Going into Springtime with an open mind and heart helps me to receive all that God has planned for me on my journey. Of course everything won’t be easy in all moments but I will be bold as I operate within God’s word and His promises instead of operating in fear. I will not let others’ thoughts or opinions of me hold me back in any area. Each day I choose to trust God, do my part and have at the very least a mustard seed of faith. That tiny mustard seed of faith will manifest the desires of my heart like a field of bluebonnets blooming during Springtime. I will do all God puts on my heart to do and receive every desire within it. 

It is important to remind ourselves daily of who we are, who’s we are and how far we have already come. Just because things are changing doesn’t mean things won’t work out or won’t be great. Things will just be different than they were before and to me that is a wonderful thing. Don’t allow past experiences to stop you from experiencing something New! I am confident that I will have the victory this Springtime season and will receive things of A New! Will You? 

Happy Wednesday

With Love,

JB ❤️