Staying Encouraged!


Keeping a clear and positive mind is very important. Controlling our thoughts is equally as important. Every thought that passes through our mind will not be positive but we get to choose what thoughts we dwell on and what thoughts we throw away. By ensuring our minds are filled with mostly positivity we can Stay Encouraged! 

Staying Encouraged doesn’t mean being happy all the time but it does mean having a spirit that doesn’t give up. Life comes with great moments, amazing moments, uplifting moments and difficult moments. How we get through hard times and to the next amazing moment is through Encouragement. Encouraging ourselves includes looking to God. Sometimes we can be worried about things that are out of our control or even things that haven’t happened. Filling ourselves with God’s word, hope and faith will allow us to overcome worry as well as any other bothersome moments life may bring. 

To Stay Encouraged I fully put my trust in God instead of people. I think the many hurtful moments in life come from experiences with others. People can many times be disappointing, flip on you like a pancake and treat you as if they will win some type of award for looking down on you. But I know for a fact that my confidence comes from God! People will not break me or shape me into an uncompassionate person because of their shortcomings. I have learned how to forgive easily and very often. I know how to let go of what isn’t meant for me and I trust God to bring those special people in my life who are meant to be there. Because of this I don’t have many worries and I am confident that whatever difficulty I may go through I am not alone. God is always there for me! And on that note, Never Forget God Got Us! ❤️

Encourage Yourself by depending on God. Remember that trouble is only temporary and you will come out victorious in every situation with God on your side! Be Encouraged Today and Stay Encouraged on your journey! 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love,


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