True Encouragement!


Sometimes we can look to and depend on others in order to feel encouraged or receive positivity. It is important to be able to channel the positivity within ourselves to change our moods and motivate ourselves to take the next step in maintaining our joy. This is the moment that True Encouragement happens, it comes from within us. 

Staying Encouraged can be difficult especially when going through life challenges and interruptions. Difficult times are always temporary and we do not have to go through it alone. God is always there for us to depend on. God’s spirit resides within us and He has already given us all that we need to keep moving forward no matter what. Many people refer to “the inner voice, listening to your gut or your inner self”, that is God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit leading and guiding us as well as Truly Encouraging us!

True Encouragement can be maintained by being mindful of what and who we allow to pour into our spirits. For example, listening to others complaining about their lives or surrounding ourselves with negativity will not contribute to encouragement. Our eyes and ears should be guarded and venting should be listened to and done only in moderation. Doing our best to have meaningful and uplifting conversations will help us to Stay Encouraged as well as provide True Encouragement for others. 

As time has pressed on and difficulties have passed, try to reflect on the joyous moments that have been experienced throughout our lives. We are all on different journeys, come from different backgrounds and have had different experiences. We can benefit from each other by sharing our life lessons and Truly Encouraging each other as well as Encouraging ourselves on a daily basis. Positivity is a necessity and Encouragement is needed. God has more than enough for all of us to receive and give in order to live our best lives with Him!

Never Forget! God Got Us! 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love, 


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