Waiting On God Brings Favor!


Many times when we get ideas and become excited about new possibilities we begin to make moves to bring those ideas to life. We can envision a plan in our minds, how we want to do things as well as the steps we think we should take. Everything doesn’t always go as planned and we should include God in all of our plans. He always knows the best way to move forward and will provide us with all the resources to do so. It is important that we do not jump ahead of God and begin to tackle things on our own without His guidance. 

When God leads and guides us He does it with excellence. God does things grand and He oftentimes gives us more than what we asked for. When we Wait on God we gain His Favor. God’s Favor is accompanied with our Faith in Him. When we believe God can do anything at any time in any situation, this includes answering our prayers we can put our trust solely in Him. 

I am ready to move out of my apartments and to move into a rental home. I decided buying a house at this time is not financially the right thing to do after doing my research and consulting with God. I was looking on my own and wasn’t really getting my questions answered so I decided to reach out to a few realtors. The first realtor I reached out to told me I was looking fairly early and to call them back at a later time. The second realtor said they would help me but was not very responsive to my questions. Still being in a situation where I needed help I decided to look up a realtor on a property I adored. I spoke with her and told her what I was looking for and how I was looking to do it. She immediately gave me a lot of information and after finding out I am from Louisiana connected with me. I’ve only been talking with her for a couple of days and she has already helped me and given me the information I needed to decide the neighborhood I would like to live in. She even told me about a sister property that I wouldn’t have found online. Before speaking with her, I scheduled a viewing of a property that didn’t have everything I wanted but I was worried I wouldn’t find anything nice before it’s time for me to move. After consulting with God I immediately cancelled the viewing and the next day was able to connect with the fabulous realtor I mentioned previously. 

When we try to jump ahead of God we can wind up settling for something we didn’t even want. When God does things for us it is always in the best way and He provides the people and resources to get what we truly desire with Him! Remember, if we allow God to orchestrate our lives and include Him in all decisions and wait on Him, we will gain His Favor and end up with more than we have asked! 

Include God in your plans and desires. All good desires come from God. As long as we do our part He will do His! Never Forget God Got Us! 

Scriptures To Reference: Psalm Chapter 65, Isaiah Chapter 40.

Happy Wednesday!

With Love,

JB ❤️