You Got This: 90 Day Devotional Book Review!


Today’s post is a review of a devotional I purchased and am currently reading. I wanted to give my readers a special sneak peek inside of the devotional as well as my take on each devotional for 7 days.

You Got This: 90 Devotions to Equip & Empower hardworking women By: Melissa Horvath 

Day 1: This book is really beautiful on the outside. It’s a hue of light pink with metallic gold and black writing on the front. I love the mini quotes in between the devotionals as well as the letter to the readers. 

The first devotional speaks about the roles of women. With all the titles we may hold and the things we may do, God has made and purposed us for more. It also encourages you to do something to bring yourself joy that day which is great advice. It is important that we have a way to de-stress and take time for ourselves so that we can continue to be all God has created us to be. Taking time to relax or enjoy an activity is a crucial part of enjoying life and the journey God has set you upon. 

Day 2: Today’s devotional spoke of Judgement and Acceptance. It is not fun to be judged at all and we shouldn’t judge others. We should lead with Love and let things fall into place whether that means someone is meant to be in your life or not. Kindness is something we should extend to everyone, especially those we do not know. The only Jesus they may get to see is Jesus in you and me. Being an example of living the Faith lifestyle is important and God can use us at any moment, so we should be ready for that. I like that this devotional made me think about how I think of others and give myself a little self check to ensure I am doing what is pleasing to God. 

Day 3: Today’s devotional is about remembering all the great and good things about your life to combat stress. Negativity can sometimes overtake our minds if we allow them to. Let’s remember how far you have come and remain grateful through all life’s moments. Controlling your thought life is a power that you have. Casting down negative thoughts and remembering how good and faithful God has been will keep your heart thankful. I like that this poses the question of what are you thankful for today? Allowing those answers to flow will combat all the negativity that may come through your thoughts. Positivity Only! 

Day 4: Today’s devotional is about Grace. Having grace with yourself and others is important. But just like with anything else we all have to be cautious. It is true that God created us all to be certain people. But sometimes people do not become the person God has created them to be because of their choices. The unfortunate fact is that everyone will not choose God or His way of living. So of course we all want the grace God extends to us and we should extend grace to others but we shouldn’t be allowing others to take advantage of our kindness and grace when they are consistently choosing to live in the ways of the world instead of the way God has planned for us. I did like this devotional because it reminded me to continue to be patient with myself and others. Always remember God doesn’t want us to be mistreated or taken advantage of. Boundaries are key! 

Day 5: Today’s devotional is about uniqueness. God created each and every one of us to be unique and set apart from others. He also created us with gifts and talents in order to fulfill our individual purposes in the earth. I like this because it reminds you of who God created you to be. Everyone has their purpose. There is a scripture that states everything has its purpose Good and Evil. All things and people have a role to play in this world that will contribute to God’s ultimate plan. I love that! God is so good He took His time to create Me and You! Our choices will shape what our lives will be. Living on God’s plan will enable us to live as He has designed us to live. 

Day 6: Today’s devotional speaks about comparing oneself to others. It also uses social media as an example of the way people can begin to think of their lives as less than that of others lives. Personally, I am far past that stage in life. I do not compare myself to others because I know God has made me unique. This devotional also speaks about instilling in yourself how God has created you unique. He has set us all apart for a specific purpose. There is definitely no need for comparisons or putting others down because they have something you do not. Everything is attainable with time and effort. There is no one person that is perfect everyone has flaws and struggles. The focus should always be on God’s plan for your life not your interpretation of God’s plan or a personal plan for someone else’s life. Be You! You are made for more! 


Day 7: Today’s devotional is about hearing from God. God can speak to us in many ways but when we hear from Him it is only things that are good and within His will. Evil thoughts and ideas do not come from God. This reminded me of when I first began to hear from God and be led by The Holy Spirit. I remember hearing a soft voice but instead of the sound coming through my ears, it came from inside me like my heart was talking. Even though it was a small voice I could hear it clearly and loudly even if my stereo was at a high volume. You can’t miss it. It’s a connection between you and God to give you direction and help you to take the right steps to living the life He has for you. This connection shows how deeply God loves and cares for us. He communicates with us in a special way. I really liked this devotional. It reminded me of how awesome it is to have a relationship with God. 

I highly recommend this devotional. I have already bought it a few times for myself, my mom, grandma and auntie. They all really love it and are enjoying the daily encouragement. 

You can get this devotional on Amazon. Here is the Link: 

Happy Wednesday! 

With Love,

JB ❤️

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